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The Wrath Of Gus Hansen

The Wrath Of Gus Hansen

I've got this poker buddy who went to Vegas during the 2005 WSoP with aspirations of playing in one of the prestigious events. He took $1500 with him, thus could have easily bought in directly to one of the events. Instead he decided to play some of the NL tables and try and build up his roll enough to enter into more than 1 event.

After some up and down play he found himself with about $2000 at, I believe, a 5/10 NL table. A few orbits in, Gus Hansen walks in the room and sits down a couple of seats to his left. After a while of playing, Buddy looks down at AA and raises it up about 3 or 4 times the big blind. When it got around to Gus, he re-raised it to around $200. Buddy re-raised to $500 and Gus immediately went all-in. Buddy called and Gus offered up a smirk on his face as he flipped over his whopping 2 3 offsuit. Before the flop came down Gus said something like, "I figured the only way you could call me was if you had Aces, but I didn't think you had Aces."

The flop was an unbelievable 2 3 3, giving Gus an immediate Full House, and slapping Buddy square in the face. Neither the turn or river brought an Ace and just like that buddy was out of chips. Now you would think this is where the story ends, but instead there's more. Instead of standing up from the table and making his way to the exit, buddy looks at Gus and says, "Man that was a rough beat and I was gonna use that money for a WSoP event...why don't you give me my money back." At first Gus just gave his sorry dude look and then kept stacking up his chips. But buddy was pretty persistent and kept on with his "Can I get my money back?" routine. After about a minute Gus told Buddy he'd give him enough to buy back into the table, but that was it.

Thankful for a second chance, Buddy took the chips and continued playing as best he could in hopes to get back enough money to buy into an event. Unfortunately for him, the wrath of Gus struck again after a while and he found himself down to the felt again. This time, however, he had no one to help him with a rebuy. I don't know how his final hand with Gus went down, but obviously Gus had his way with him and took every last one of his dimes - of which most were Gus' dimes anyway.

Buddy came home not longer after never getting the chance to play in a 2005 WSoP event. He did, however, have a great story to tell, thus giving me a great story to tell.

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