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I Suck At The Internet

I Suck At The Internet

Very Short Post Today. I'm having no fun right now. Work is kicking my ars and I'm pretty tired of it. I decided last night I'm taking Monday off. It's my 6th wedding anniversary and Wifey and I deserve a day together.

At home I'm still having wireless problems, even after my e-tard moment in the previous post, thus no online and no poker. Whatever I did while I was trying to locate a signal subsequently screwed up my settings once I was able to find the signal. So right now I have a wireless network, but the router and laptop are pissed off at each other and nothing I'm doing to get them to kiss and make up seems to be working. Damnit. Sorry for the short rambling post, but I wanted to let my peeps who look for me online while playing know why I've been absent this week...sorry guys.

And no, I don't mean you suck at the interent, I mean I suck at the internet. For reals.

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