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So Begins The 6-Max Challenge

So Begins The 6-Max Challenge

6-Max SNG's


Not a bad start. I bubbled my first one which got me off in the wrong mood. Then I came in 2nd three straight times with the first 2 having me watch as the river went against me. I wasn't mad though as I was just happy to finish in the money. The way I made 2nd place in the 4th game was wild. I was an average stack with 4 left when the following happened. I fold UTG. The button (chip leader) raises, small blind re-raises, and big blind goes all-in. Both call leaving only the button with chips remaining. Button shows 66, small blind shows KK, and big blind shows KK. The button immediately starts typing in the chat 66666666!!!!! trying to will a six on the board. Instead it comes 5,7,8,9,Q giving him a straight and knocking out the other two players. I thanked the button and happily took 2nd place when my all-in a few hands later failed to take down the hand.

From there I took first in 2 more games and am too pooped to try and complete one more for a batch of 10. I'm happy with my start though and feel like I played really well. I was seeing the board much better than usual and realizing when I was beat. I laid down many a decent, but losing hand throughout the night and on numerous occasions it was the difference in cashing or not.

Well, it's late and probably no one will read this until Monday anyway, but until then...may the felt be with you.


One last thing...

Let me make it official here and now. I discussed the Okie-Vegas trip with Wifey last week and she said it was all good. Of course she did it while she was trying on clothes which probably means she wasn't really paying attention, but I'm sure she'll read this or I'll bring it up again soon as a reminder. It's only 9 months away anyway. I gotta do well on this 6 max challenge to pay for the trip...

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