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Who The Heck Is This Jaxon59 Guy?

Who The Heck Is This Jaxon59 Guy?

I was supposed to play some live home game poker last night, but a number of late cancellations by players forced us to cancel the whole thing. Apparently sick children, family members in the hospital, and a house fire are more important than playing some friggin poker. Get your priorities straight people!

By the way, that last sentence was a joke. Moving on. I've mentioned, ad nauseum, how things have been tough for me since I cashed out for vacation. Unlike many online playing dolts, I don't think this has anything to do with a cash-out curse or a rigged game, but rather constant bankroll pressure. When you have hundreds/thousands in your account(s) and you hit a tough streak of games, your bankroll can typically withstand the pressure. However, if you are starting from scratch and trying to build off a meager bankroll, then even a small downturn can prove to be bankroll fatal.

Over the last week I pretty much hit rock bottom as far as bankroll is concerned, but I actually feel good about my outlook for the future. I've got a new sense of vigor and I'm ready to tackle my poker demons. I'm starting to get more money in from my HU Challenge win and I'm gonna use that as seed money for the beginnings of my 6-max SNG Challenge (see previous post).

Last night, after finding out the home game was cancelled, I decided to play a little online. Amazingly, I was able to grow my UltimateBet account 700%. Not so amazingly, it went from about $.85 to $6.00. It feels strange talking about a $5 swing after the past year of playing some pretty decent sized games. I look forward to getting back to where I can be playing some $10 and $20 SNG's and $25 and $50 NL tables and feel like I'm playing some real poker. The one cool thing about taking the account from $.85 to $6.00 is it will help me get to the $55 I want to start my 6-max challenge. That $6 coupled with the HU money will get me above and beyond that.

After playing my strenuous .01/.02 PLO8 game and $1 SNG's to get to the $6, I decided to hop on Yahoo's IM and join the craziness that is blogger chatting. Lots of folks were out last night. I mean lots. I'm sure I left some people off there, but my memory is, how you say, not so good. Anyway, good times were had and I look forward to chatting again sometime. One thing I like about Yahoo's IM instead of AOL's is you can listen to music. One thing I don't like is I had to use my YahooID which is not TripJax so people were like, "who the heck is this jaxon59 guy?" Oh well...

To finish this post off, and bring it full circle, a thought about the cancellation of the home game last night. I never thought it would happen, but much like BadBlood mentioned recently, I was pretty ho-hum about the outcome. If we played, cool. If not, whatever. It's not that I didn't want to play, but I know there will be other games and I'll catch those. And in the end it turned out to be a good thing cause the kiddies were being all bad and stressing out Wifey. So it all worked out that I could be there to help.

I hope to get a few hands in this weekend and maybe even get started on my 6-max challenge. We'll see. Good luck to you and yours...

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