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You Can't Make This Stuff Up

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Life in TrapJaxville has taken a turn for the crazy recently. Wifey's mom recently left her husband and essentially broke all communications with him. He has been verbally abusive to her the last few years and she could finally take no more. With him unable to reach her, he decided to use our voicemail as his conduit, much to our chagrin. Over this past weekend we received over 75 calls with most of those involving voicemails. Progressively he became less in touch with reality and yesterday Wifey's mom put out a restraining order on him. I wish it ended there.

As Mom was pulling into her work yesterday after lunch he pulled up behind her car. Her work ws the one place he knew he could find her. He forced her into his van and headed for, as he stated, "the woods." Eventually, after pleading with him to no avail, she found a moment when she felt she could attempt to escape. As he was decreasing speed to either make a turn or stop at a light, he lost focus and was not holding on to her for a moment. Realizing this may be her only chance, she leapt from the van as it was moving about 20mph. Amazingly, though hurt, she was able to run away and a man called 911 for her. Her husband fled the scene.

She ended up in the hospital and I had to rush home and gather the family to leave as the police felt we may be in danger with him on the loose. Mom was ok, but has some pretty bad bruises from the way he grabbed her as well as the fall she took from the van. She was released, but had no place to go and no money since her purse and cell phone were still in the van. As we were making plans to get a hotel for the night, we received a call from the police advising that he was apprehended at a motel in Greensboro. Apparently he got a friend to use his name for the room, but the police were able to find him because he continued to use his van which is easily recongnizable.

We were able to return home last night and Mom was able to stay with us since he was in jail. As of this morning we learned he is on 150,000 bail and has been charged with, at a minimum, kidnapping. Not sure how long he will be in jail, but we'll see.

I'm not even sure why I wrote this here, but I think I just needed to get it out of my head. This is a man we've been around for the last 5 years and it is so out of the realm of anything I could have ever expected. I am honestly still amazed at what happened and not sure of what to think of the situation. Feels so PWT at the moment.

Worry not, dear readers, everyone in TrapJaxville is ok. I'll be back to my poker ways soon enough as I need something to keep my mind busy...

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