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Care To Share?

Care To Share?

My enchantress poker was not so mesmerizing this weekend. After cruising through Level 1 of the 6-Max SNG Challenge ($5 Buy-Ins), and a high mark of $137, I hit a roadblock at Level 2 ($10 Buy-Ins). After my first five $10 SNG's I was 0-5 with four 4th place finishes and one 5th place finish. With only 6 players in each SNG, I would consider that quite poor. A few of the losses were when I was ahead, but got drawn out on, but in the end that is part of poker and I try not to harp on it. Gotta take the good with the bad.

After that piss poor start to the weekend I was not very enthused with my play. But after some thought I couldn't really pin point more than 1 or 2 bad decisions. Still, just those few poor decisions are enough to send you in a downard spiral if you don't watch out. Undeterred, I kept at it for four more SNG's and ended up coming in 2nd place in everyone one of them. That allowed me to go from $55 down on the day to $27 down. I can live with that. However, I'm not really sure what to think of all of the 2nd place finishes. In everyone one of them I had to backdoor my way into the money - barely surviving - and had a near 8 to 1 chip defecit at heads-up. It was great to make the money, but everytime I was so far behind and could never get the luck I needed on the board to survive. Sometimes when the water is cold it is better to just jump in than to slowly dip down. Guess I was slowly dipping into the $10 waters and should have just dove in. Lesson learned.


Now for the title of the post. I've been playing my Challenge at UltimateBet, but after some discussions with
DoubleAs, I'm gonna make the move over to PokerShare this week. It just makes sense as they are a skin of UB, they offer dividends to the players based on their profits, and you are playing the same people from UB anyway. It just makes too much sense not too. Plus, they are offering a 100% deposit bonus up to $250. I should be able to plop $125 into my account and hopefully help out a fellow blogger along the way. If you are looking to make the move, consider using DoubleAs' referral code pockerhacks. Or if you are interested, you can also sign up with PokerShare via PSO (bonus code tripjax).


This is how we roll in TripJaxville.

Here is Super Lily kicking back in the jacuzzi with a six pack after a long day at work...

And here is Craxon, I mean Jaxon, in one of his mental institution moments. I get home from work the other day and this is the outfit he has on. I asked him where his tin foil hat was...


For those of you who read this blog and missed out on the 1st
Heads-Up Challenge, the commish has confirmed plans for HU2 forthcoming soon. Check it out.


I stole using the squiggly lines to seperate my thoughts from AlCantHang. Where he got it I don't know, but I like it. Thanks Al. Dial-A-Shot on me some day. Better would be a live shot, but that will have to wait.


I did a lot of railing last night instead of playing and specifically enjoyed watching
GCox try his hand at the new PartyPoker Shootout Tournaments. If you play SNG's but like the idea of winning some decent money with a SNG format, you gotta check them out. These shootouts sort of blur the lines between SNG's and MTT's in a nice way.


Congrats to
WillWonka on a nice score by winning a $1000 guarantee tournament at PokerWorld. I wanted to rail, but I don't have an account their so I just had to hear the news second hand. Still it was fun to pseudo-rail his nice win.
That's gonna have to do it for now, but if I think of anything else to write about I'll be back. Until then, look for me at PokerShare soon enough...

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