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Blogger Spotlight: Will Wonka

Blogger Spotlight: Will Wonka

If you're looking for Charlie and his little Chocolate Factory, well you've come to the wrong place. Don't get me wrong, I love the Wonka books and movies, but that's not what I'm here to write about. No, I'm here to discuss a fellow poker blogger who goes by the name Will Wonka.

I got to know Wonka back in July of 2005, during the inaugural poker blogger Heads-Up Challenge. He didn't fare so well in that challenge, being eliminated in round 1, but he left an indelible mark in my mind and I've been reading him ever since.

Much like cmitch, my previous Blogger Spotlight, Wonka is a poker playing family man who slings chips at the higher limits while managing to play the roll of father and husband. He writes a ton of quality poker content and his blog is a great place to follow a part time player climbing the poker ladder.

Both cmitch and Wonka are in a whole different league than I am, but I'm fine with that. I'm not mentally prepared to play at limits where I can win or lose a mortgage payment in one night. Of course, I wouldn't actually be losing a morgtage payment as I keep my poker bankroll seperate from our family checking/savings, but it is the thought of that type of bankroll swing that I'm just not ready for. Of course I'd love a roll that could afford those types of swings, but I'm not there yet so I won't even go down that road right now.

If you are reading this and have never visited Wonka's site, I suggest you shuffle on over there and add him to your regular list of reads. You will not be disappointed. As for you, Wonka, if you're reading this I implore you to keep tackling poker with the fervor and gusto I've read on your blog from day one. Your story is an exciting one to read and I look forward to your posts whenever I see a new one available. Keep up the good work at the tables and on your blog my friend.

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