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Queen City Trippin'

Queen City Trippin'

I had a helluva hawesome time at Falstaff's home game Saturday slinging chips with broggers and other degenerate gamboolers. As it turns out, BadBlood will go down in the TripJax history books as the first brogger I ever met face-to-face. As I pulled up to the Casa de Falstaff, in my NON mini-van, Blood was hanging out on the front stoop. Within a few minutes I was cracking open my first 24oz can-o-beer and chatting it up with a number of other folks, including Big Pirate. It was great talking with you guys.

An impressive 23 speculators plopped down 50 *cough* play dollars *cough* for the right to take a seat and not long after 1pm we were tossing chips through the air. I managed to draw the diamond table with Big Pirate and Falstaff which was very cool. I think those were the only broggers at my table, but I could be wrong. I will say I did a horrible job keeping up with who was who beyond the few I could put a face to a brog.

Falstaff was to my immediate right and, unfortunately for him, almost everytime he took a stab at a pot or raised I had a strong enough hand for a re-raise. Not long into the tournament I wake up with AA and only Falstaff calls my re-raise. An ace hits the flop and I bet 20 into a 40ish pot hoping it looks like a continuation bet steal. Falstaff raises to 50 and I take a few seconds before announcing all-in. He immediately folds and I later found out he was attempting to wield the hammer. I said it then and I'll type it here...t'was a valiant effort sir. Not long after Falstaff was the first player out of the tourney. The curse of the host rang true.

From there I was never really able to get my game going in the right direction. I had two instances where I was beat out of the pot by chased flush draws and that really hurt my attempts to build a decent stack. By the time our table broke, I was a less than average stack. As it turns out, I would never win another pot after leaving my first table. I was moved to the living room table and managed to donk a 1/3 of my chips there before being moved to the downstairs table where Blood and TeamScottSmith were.

That seemed to be the fun table to be, as it was dubbed the "Tequila Table" earlier, but I only played two hands at that table before getting knocked out. I can't recall who called me, but he had AQ vs. my KcJc and I was bummed to see Blood show he had folded KdJd. My outs were falling fast, but the flop did bring two clubs to get me closer. Unfortunately I did not improve and was sent the cash game.

The cash game turned out to be a great time and I learned to play a few games I had never played before...namely Crazy Pineapple and Vegas Hold'em. Somehow I was able to more than double my original $20 buy-in before calling it quits. Around 6pm I knew it was time to hit the dusty trail so I could catch some time with the wifey and kids before everyone hit the sack. I made it home rather quickly so everything worked out perfectly.

I regret not doing a Dial-A-Shot with Al, but once I knew I was going to be driving home, I didn't figure a strong shot would be best for my roadtrip. Ggggrrrr!!! Next time. I also regret not getting to know everyone better. I think the person who knocked me out of the tournament was a brogger since he knew me as TripJax and mentioned putting a bounty on my head (something only a brogger/reader would know), but I'm not sure who he was. He had a PokerStars hat on. If anyone who was there can help me out with his name I'd appreciate it.

Again, thanks to Falstaff and his lovely wife for hosting and the good times at the cash game. I appreciate your hospitality and hope to reciprocate someday soon.

That's it for me...thanks for reading!

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