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Now Hacienda? Oh Yes.

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Made The Final 18 Of The Bodog Mini Poker Series Final Tomorrow. 1st Place Gets $12,000 Prize Package. Let's Light This Candle...

After an interesting semi-final tournament last night, I made it to the Bodog Mini Poker Series Final (see below for details).  There were about 120 runners last night and I started out red hot.  In the first 20 minutes I became the chip leader after doubling up with an open-ended straight flush draw that filled, then doubled again with a set of 8's against a dude super happy with his top pair 9s with Jack kicker.  I held the chip lead for quite a while, but eventually couldn't get any traction and lost it due to the rising blinds and other stacks building up.

I did manage to build my stack in the later stages of the tournament, but ultimately bubbled the final table, finishing in 10th place.  I was fine with that result as the top 18 finishers made it to the final.  Only 1st place tacked on another $270 in tourney credits, so I didn't lose any sleep in my 10th place finish.  If I understand this correctly, there should only be 18 runners and the top 9 get prizes, with 1st taking down a $12,000 prize package to the WSOP 2010.  I wouldn't mind getting in on that action.

One last note before I go.  I ended up at the same table as NewInNov for quite a while.  I haven't played onrine poker with him in a long time, so it was good to chat while donking it up on the felt.  He played well, but missed the cut-off for the final 18.  Okay I'm on vacation so I gotta roll.  We are off to see the alligators at Alligator Adventure.  Hope I don't lose my raise/fold button clicking finger in an alligator attack.  And with that...

Until next time, may the felt be with you.


Hi TripJax, 

Congrats, you’ve advanced to the Bodog Mini Poker Series Final! You’re now one step closer to winning one of the first seats to the 2010 WSOP* Main Event! 

The Final event is tomorrow, July 23rd at 8:35pm ET.

Here’s how you register: 
    • Click on the ‘Scheduled Tournament’ tab at top of the screen
    • Choose the ‘Special’ Tab 
    • Select Tournament ID

    • 1st place grand prize: One of the FIRST seats to the 2010 WSOP* 
       Main Event and one of the first Team Bodog 2010 memberships 
       (a prize package worth $12,000).

    • 2nd and 3rd place prize: Bodog Poker Open IV Prize Package 
       (or a buy-in to every event in the BPOIV to be hosted in the fall of 

    • 4th and 5th place prize: A seat to any Bodog Flight Club Semifinal 
       (valued at $270)

    • 6th to 9th place prize: T$162

Play Hard. 

Bodog Poker

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Qualified For The Bodog Mini Poker Series Semi-Final ~ Somehow...

I haven't read the details, but I'm not really sure how I even qualified for the semi-finals of the bodog mini poker series.  I probably played less than half of the events and didn't even cash once.  I had some deep runs and felt like I played quite well in several of the events, but that one big hand that would make the difference never seemed to pan out.  I guess I made it in simply because I played enough events and made it deep enough on several occasions.

I'm on vacation at the beach and after a long, fun day at the beach, I'm ready to sit back with beer(s) and enjoy some poker.  Here is to hoping this weak ass wifi in the condo works all night, or at least as long as I need it.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Hi Jason,

Congrats, you’ve qualified to play in the Bodog Mini Poker Series Semi-Final and are now one step closer to winning one of the first seats to the 2010 WSOP* Main Event!

The Semi-Final event is tomorrow, July 21st at 8:35pm ET.

Here’s how you register:
    • Click on the ‘Scheduled Tournament’ tab at top of the screen
    • Choose the ‘Special’ tab
    • Select Tournament ID         

Play Hard.

Bodog Poker
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If My Boy JJOK Made Commercials...

After JJOK's hilarious prank on his TripGirl's recently, something tells me he was the mastermind behind the Ally Bank commercials...

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Poker And The Luck Factor, Part Four (Final)

Over the last few months I've been writing a series of posts about poker and luck.  My initial interest in the subject was sparked by Richard Wiseman's article, The Luck Factor.  With the skill versus luck argument often rising in poker, I figured it would be an interesting piece to work on.

If you've yet to read the previous posts, check them out here...Intro...Part One...Part Two...Part Three.

Below is a quote from Wiseman's article I've been picking apart.  In bold/underline is the final portion I'll be writing about today.

...lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles.  They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good."

Lucky people adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good

In Wiseman's article, he discusses a study he conducted on unlucky and lucky people.  As part of the study, he presented both unlucky and lucky people with some unlucky scenarios.  In one of the scenarios, they are to imagine waiting in line at a bank when a robber enters and fires a shot that hits them in the arm.  They were then asked if this would be considered lucky or unlucky.

The people who perceived their general luck to be bad seemed to consider this scenario to be unlucky.  What bad timing to be in the bank at the random time a robber enters.  How unfortunate to be standing in the one spot where the bullet pierces my arm and sends me to the emergency room.  In general, it was FML for the unlucky folk.

In stark contrast, the people who perceived their luck to be positive, not too surprisingly considered this scenario to be lucky.  What unbelievable luck to be shot in the arm and not the chest or head!  How sweet it is to still be alive!  Man that could have been a lot worse, I must be one lucky guy.  In general, it was luck be a lady tonight for the lucky folk.

The lucky people found a way to make a bad situation seem rather lucky in the end.  And with that, bad luck turned good.

Poker And The Resilient Attitiude

Now picture a scenario where you are tearing it up in an online poker tournament.  In the first hour you've turned your starting stack of 2k into the chiplead of 15k in chips with the tournament average stack at 4k.  In a huge hand that could give you a huge chip stack you get another player with 11k in chips all-in with your AA versus his KK.  As the river King falls, you see what should have been a 26k chip stack turn into a 4k average stack.

Whether you perceive yourself to be generally lucky or unlucky in poker, I can imagine almost anyone would be slightly fuming after this scenario.  You've gone from King Of The Tourney to Average Joe with one simple river card.  That said, it's how you react that usually seals your fate.

If you take the woe is me route, you're initial fuming probably results in an open push all-in on the next hand - no matter what your cards are - and a very quick exit.  I'm unlucky, so why should I think I have any chance to win a tournament, especially when I can't win AA vs. KK?!  How will I EVER get to 26k in chips like I should be at right now?!  Yep, FYL

Now what if you've adopted a resilient attitude on the felt?  Okay that sucked, but you know what, I'm still above average in chips.  I was chip leader just a moment ago and built my stack from 2k to 15k, so there's nothing to stop me from going at it again.  And thank goodness I had as many chips as I did or I'd be on the rail right now, instead of still in the tourney.  Yeah, I know all that is tough to swallow, but you have a much better chance of making a run in a tourney when you stick to your guns and play your best game no matter what the result of each hand is.

When I was a kid my Dad used to tell me to try and find the good in bad situations.  At the time I didn't really comprehend what he meant.  Bad situations are bad for a aren't supposed to see good in them.  I didn't get it then, but now as an adult, I understand the lesson he was trying to teach me and what Wiseman portrays in his article.  I now understand that it all comes down to attitude.  You can choose to go through life feeling sorry for yourself and others, or you can take the high road, find the good in life - even when at times it seems minimal - and run with it.

In poker, you can choose to blame yourself, the cards, the other players or your general bad luck; or, you can suck it up and play the hands you're dealt one at a time.  When the tourney ends, you can choose to hang your head or you can study the game and move on to the next tourney and give it your best shot again and again.

I don't know about you, but after reading Wiseman's article and writing these posts, I'm feeling pretty damn good about my luck factor.  Bring it on poker.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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Mookie 3 Not To Be

Not much happening in my poker world these days.  I played the first event in the Bodog 2009 Mini Series on Friday, but only made it about 1/3 of the way through.  I missed last nights event due to July 4th partying, but I'm signed up tonight.  Hope to see you there.
Other than that, I played The Mookie with a massive 14 entrants and almost landed my 3rd title, finishing in 2nd place.  Let me just say, I don't care if there are 200 or 2 entrants, if I can win a Mookie I'll have a smile on my face.  Oh well, it was not to be as Lightning36 took it down.  Well done sir.  I'm thankful I did cash since my Mookie buy-in brought my balance down to $.24 at Full Tilt after recently cashing out my roll for upcoming travel funds (unfortunately not Okie-Vegas).
That's about it for me lately.  See you all at the tables.
Until next time, may the felt be with you.
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If you are looking for a legit site to toss some chips around on the virtual felt, you will be happy to know you can play poker now at  Once you visit their site, you'll be offered a simple download to add their software and get started playing in no time.  If you are playing away from home or your primary computer, you can even use their No Download Version straight from their main poker page (just look for the link on the main poker page).  That really is a nice feature when you want to play, but are unable to download the software. 

If you are looking for some bang for your buck, offers a 100% bonus up to $400 on your first deposit. is the only poker site to offer an instant bonus, allowing for immediate use of the bonus in betting rounds. recently introduced a new rewards program that offers points for play that can be converted into cash or merchandise in their online store. In addition, as you earn rewards points you'll qualify for exclusive tournaments and freerolls through the rewards program.

If you like a little side action in between your poker tournaments or cash games, is the right place for you.  In addition to a Sports Book, they also offer a Casino, Backgammon and Bingo.  To get started with poker or any of the other action they offer, click here for more info.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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"America, F#%k Yeah!"

Happy 4th Everyone...

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