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My Little Sit-N-Go Challenge

My Little Sit-N-Go Challenge

In a previous post I noted I would detail my eventual plans for the "coming soon" bankroll. It's hard to even consider what I'm about to write as a bankroll, but see me through here. Not wanting to break the bank, but trying to get as much bang for my buck, I decided to try my own little SNG challenge. I will first deposit $60 into my Party Poker account...hopefully I can find a deposit bonus out there that is not just for 1st time deposits. I will then play, at a minimum, ten $5 SNG's ($1 juice on ten SNG's makes up the full $60). I write minimum fully expecting to play many, many more SNG's than 10 damnit! Having higher hopes and believing in my game, I trust I will be able to roll to the century mark and beyond with relative ease...that is with a little patience and perseverence, no doubt. Regardless, after 10 SNG's I will post my results...and then keep on keepin on with the roll.

So there you have it...when (not if) I have some discretionary money to roll, I'll start the challenge. If I can figure out how to track my progress on the sidebar over there --> I'll do that as well. If anyone would like to join the challenge I'd be willing to place a side bet of some sort. Check me out...writing about a side bet when I can't even afford a bankroll right now...some nerve I have huh?! Maybe it could be the winner gets the shirt off the other guys back the day the final results are tallied. I'm starting to like this whole little SNG Challenge idea.

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