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New & Improved Poker In Arrears

New & Improved Poker In Arrears

If you're a regular at this site then you're probably going WTF?!

Now you know what happens when a poker blogger doesn't go to Vegas with the rest of the community. To keep from pulling my hair out at the thought of not being in Vegas, I decided to tinker with my template to keep me busy. I know some of you will miss the chick at the top of my old template, but it was time for a change. I really only liked two things about the old template...the pic at the top and how clean it looked. So, as I searched the land for a new template I finally fell upon this one and something just seemed to click. I felt like this should be the skin I'm in for a while.

Next up was finding a good picture for the top of the template. I searched high and low on every possible image web site out their and couldn't find anything. Finally, after more time than I'd like to admit, I came across the chick you see above. I played around with Photoshop for a while, and managed to make a decent banner. But it was still lacking that extra spice to make it look real good. Luckily my buddy Alx was up to the task and he conjured up the above banner. Major props to him as I really like it. I hope you do to.

Moving on...

I've still got some work to do since most of the links at the top aren't ready yet. Plus I'm having issues with the titles from all my old posts not showing. So I'll try and work on that stuff tonight, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy. If you have any ideas or things you'd like to see on this site let me know. Also, I moved my blogger list from to so if for some reason you were linked on my old template, but now you aren't, just let me know and I'll set you back up.

Right about now I think I need a beer...

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Keep up the excellent work! and i bookmarked u!


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