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Blog Spotlight: Poker4Peace

It's been way too long since I did a Blog Spotlight. My apoligies to SlimeFace on two fronts. First, I'm writing this late in the day and some people who read at work may miss out on it. Second, I'm writing it just before many, many broggers head out to Vega$ (myself not included) so they will miss out on it too. Still, I needed some material and Slimeface's most recent brog post over at his brog, Poker4Peace, really hit home.

Slimeface is a trucker with over 30 years experience. He digs on the pokah and loves him some life on the road. He's been a reader of this here brog for a while and I've been reading him for quite a while as well. All good stuff I must say. Let's get back to what got me thinking about doing a Blog Spotlight on him though...

Check this out from his last post:

I am truly amazed everyday from what I learn from other people. There are
no certainties in life other than the fact we all will die one day but sometimes
I am so sure about my belief or understanding of something until I discover by
talking and listening to others that I have been mistaken. It's not always a
difference between right and wrong per se but there is much room in between for
contemplation and new ideas! Books are many and filled with great fountains of
knowledge but can not give us the same lessons of living we learn by interacting
with other people.

We can read all the poker blogs (see my roll for the best ones), read all
the poker books and study the game until the cowgirls come home but I still
believe the best course of improving one's game is to learn more about people in
general, not just at the tables but how people think and react. I have also
believed for years an ideal way to be successful at whatever you want to be
successful at is to be around other people who are succeeding or have been
successful at what it is you are trying to accomplish.

I am fortunate to have had an occupation where I come in contact with new
faces and personalities often. I do make a conscious effort to learn something
new from a friend or stranger everyday. In this way I feel I am improving my
long term game. I do not worry about short term results no more than I worry
about how much I won or lost on any given day.

One of the reasons I love this game of poker so much is because of the luck
factor. If the luck factor was not such a big part of the game it would be more
like playing chess, and I suck at chess. I don't mean I think I am lucky... I
speaking of the different personalities and the common thought processes of the
people who play the game. That's the kicker that keeps me returning for another

Well damn, I was only going to highlight a portion of the post, but it wasn't a very long post, so I threw the whole thing up. Still, so many of his words ring true. Be sure to go visit him if you never have, and be sure to add him to your brogroll. Peace.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 12:11 PM, Blogger Slimeface said...

TripJax! Thanks for the shout and good words!


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