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Friday Fumble

For every nice tourney win you inevitably have these...

I worked my tail off in this tourney. I recognized only 2 players made the next level in this thing and I played the tourney exactly how I wanted to. I controlled the action at the final table almost to a T. I was the chip leader most of the final 5, but when we got down to 3, I missed a step. My fatal mistake was calling an all-in bet with K high when I felt I was ahead. I was only against A rag (I think), but inevitably I lost the hand. I never recovered.

Frustrating to work many hours in a tourney and have nothing to show for it, but I really shouldn't that way about this. I gained some serious short handed knowledge from this action tonight. I feel like every day I'm starting to come into my own with MTT's (I write this after nearly 4 years of playing them).

I'm starting to find a comfort level that I want to focus on in 2007. The $20 - $100 tourneys that draw around 50 - 200 people are very juicy and can be pwned. I think that's where I will focus my efforts over the long haul.

The players at this final table were capital folks. Nary an asshole in the bunch. It felt like I was at a blogger table. I even invited them to visit this blog so they could play in the blogger tourneys (something I've never done). We'll see if any of them comment or end up at a tourney.

This was a rare *weekend* post from me. It sucked, but soak it up

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At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great finish, but I can only imagine the disappointment in such a strong finish but the taste of the fcking bubble.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I edited my post. Thanks. CHeck it out, I really need your input on this one.

I agree with you. The Mansion tournaments, $1,000 added $20 + $2 are very juicy. Do you want to play one together? I finished high last night without many hands at all.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger TeamScottSmith said...

--"The players at this final table were capital folks. Nary an asshole in the bunch. It felt like I was at a blogger table."

Well make up your mind, did it feel like bloggers, or was no one an asshole?

At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, was Waffles there or not? That's the deciding factor.

I keed, I keed.

At 10:45 PM, Blogger peacecorn said...

Nice work. Even with the bubble, it is nice work.

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was one of the top 2 finishers (staggerlee47). You played well. You did a good job using your big stack when you were chip leader. Thanks for not calling us assholes, also.

At 4:48 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Thanks for visiting staggerlee...good luck in your gaming...


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