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Reeling from all the election posts, JJOK recently made a "crying call" to the poker brog masses to get back to our roots. Specifically, he wanted to see a lot less politics and a lot more poker/personal content. To that end, the above sentences were the first and last mention of elections or politics at this here brog.

I must say, however, I had pondered getting in on the live brogging action. I had narrowed my focus on either live brogging the Spears/Fed-Ex debacle or my next bowel movement. I chose the latter, but was unable to get the computer into the bathroom, so the following "recorded earlier" brog post will have to suffice:

11.09.06, 8:30pm EST - Sit cold.
11.09.06, 8:30pm EST - Open poker book de jour.
11.09.06, 8:31pm EST - The deuce is loose.
11.09.06, 8:33pm EST - Let's light this candle (seriously).
11.09.06, 8:34pm EST - [Ponders] I wonder if I can return this book now that it has been "red flagged" as used in the bathroom?
11.09.06, 8:35pm EST - The end.

I hope you enjoyed my first (and most likely last) attempt at not so live brogging anything.

I do actually have some non pokery stuff to write about, so if this kind of stuff does not interest you, it might be time to check out my links list above for many other great reads. Personally, I love getting a little look-see into other broggers lives, so I'm all for it.

Around the end of July I was feeling like badonkadonk. I wasn't sick and had no known problems, but I just felt like complete ass. As I took a close look in the mirror I knew the root of my problems. For way too long I've been a lazy bastard, rarely working out and eating whatever would fit in my mouth. I was pretty damn disgusted with myself in that moment.

Many times before I had told myself it was time to get back into the gym and eat better, but every time in the past, I was just lying to myself. I wasn't ready. I was pretty much set in my lazy ass ways and I needed a swift kick in the rear. The kick I needed came when I had trouble putting on the last pair of work slacks that had once been loose. I had some full suits and slacks that I didn't even look at anymore because they were so tight. However, I had another small pile that were still working as I had originally bought them a little big. They were no longer a little big, but I was.

A little background...

I've always been an active guy. I've played sports all my life, though mainly for recreational purposes. I'm 6 foot 1 inches tall and was skinny as a rail in high school. During college I worked (and worked out) in the University gym and managed to bulk up. I wasn't Bad Blood cut, but I could hold my own in the gym. Even still, I was never over 170 lbs, but I felt great and was happy with the direction I was headed.

After college I worked a job that was very physical. I maintained my physical fitness routine and continued to feel great. Then it happened. I got the dreaded desk job. Not only a desk job, but a desk job where vendors/wholesalers constantly had lunch/dinner brought in for us or took us out to eat. Work and family life became priority one and the gym and fitness life became a casualty. That ultimately became a very bad thing.

Standing in the bathroom that July morning I was rather pissed off at what I had become. I was not sure what I weighed at that moment, but I knew it wasn't pretty considering the way I felt. I later found out I was tipping the scale at 204. Now I know all things are relative and 204 might not seem so bad for someone over 6 foot, but when you feel like assimus maximus, it is a bad thing. To each his own, but my own was no longer cutting it for me. I resolved to make a change in that moment.

I first decided I needed to get rid of my biggest vice, sweet tea. Damn that shit is good, but the intake of sugar is unreal. It would be one thing if I just had one glass at lunch or dinner, but I was scarfing that shit down at 4 and 5 glasses per meal. And while I didn't drink them as much, I was not afraid to pop a soda at any point in the day. My next problem was the type of food I was eating and the portions. It did not matter what I was eating and having seconds and thirds was routine. Finally, my physical activity was on the absentee list.

I changed my ways and immediately started to feel a difference. It only took a couple of days, but amazingly I started to LOVE unsweet tea. All I needed was a lemon and I was good to go. In fact, a lady at one of my regular dining spots didn't realize I had made the switch and brought me sweet tea. I took a swig and it was horrible. It was like drinking a cup full of syrup. I knew at that point my body was ready for my lifestyle change.

I could feel the change in my body and was suddenly invigorated. I was eating healthier and drinking more water. I could feel the weight coming off and was happy with where I was headed, though I was not weighing myself at all. About a month after my change in habits came the Bad Blood Superstars Invitational. Though I would not have the award bestowed upon me until after the Bash, Bad Blood's tourney was ultimately the beginning of my Drunken Lewey status. I was losing all this weight, not eating nearly what I was eating prior, but still pounding the alcohol like a drunken fish.

While there was PLENTY OF GOOD EATS at the Bad Blood home, the only thing I ate that day was a grilled chicken sandwich that morning and a few meatballs that afternoon. It was stupid of me, but I was full steam ahead in my new lifestyle and was not going to fail. I ended up having an incredible time, but after 15 hours of drinking and not enough food, I hit a wall. Drunken Lewey indeed.

Fast forward again to the Bash At The Boathouse and, while I was eating more than before, I was still not getting enough caloric intake for the amount of alcohol I was drinking. The result was again a Drunken Lewey situation. Trust me, I would not take back any of my experiences for the world, but I do think if I could do it over again I would try and eat a bit more!

Since that day back in July, I've found a happy medium where I'm eating and drinking the right things at the right amounts. I'm also much more active and feel incredible about my health. The gym is no longer a bad word. As for my actual weight, I've only weighed myself 5 times since July. I've never wanted this to be solely about how much I weigh. I wanted this change to be about feeling better about myself and being a healthier person. I knew if I followed the direction I wanted to go, the weight would balance itself out. Still, I'm pretty proud...

July: 204 lbs
August: 195 lbs
September: 185 lbs
October: 180 lbs
Nobember: 171 lbs

Now before you even say it, I know. I do not want to lose another friggin' pound. In fact, I want to put some weight back on, but I want it to be the right weight. I'm working out much more and am increasing my caloric intake to compensate for the extra physical activity. I guess what I'm getting at with this post is I am really happy with my change and feel much better about each day. I've never felt like a big guy and those who have met me would probably agree. Still, when you have zero energy and it is solely because of your diet and lack of activity, something has to change.

I made that change and don't plan on looking back. Fushizzle.

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At 11:32 AM, Blogger Pokerwolf said...

Congrats, dude. Bravo for setting goals and sticking to them!

At 12:51 PM, Blogger jjok said...

well done man.....

I may need to take a page from your book. Wife keeps signing Tommy Boy's "Fat Man in Little Coat"......

At 1:23 PM, Blogger BadBlood said...

Good on you bro.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Synchronicity Trip.

I am where you were back in July. I've actually been pretty down about having to wait for my license and have ballooned up 25 lbs just dicking around the house looking after the 3 kids, eating crap all day and not working out or doing anything remotely productive.

Today I couldn't take being like this anymore - I just busted through, went back to my old diet, hit the weights and did cardio for the first time in about three months.

Reading this was very inspirational. I hope to post a similar 20-30 lb drop in about 5-6 months.

Good work.

At 10:58 AM, Blogger cmitch said...

Awesome job on taking off those pounds, especially since you have young kids.

When do you workout? I am not/ never will be a morning person, so I guess the only time I could go to the gym would be after the kids went to bed.

At 12:18 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the kudos.

Cmitch...I am a salaried manager where I work so my hours, while long for the most part, can also be flexible. I worked it out with the other managers in the office such that I leave at 4pm on Tuesday and Thursday (assuming no important meetings or situations arise). I then head to the gym and I'm home by 5:30pm. In essence, it gives me the chance to work out without really missing any family time.

I also work out on either Saturday or Sunday so I get 3 days of working out every week which is all I'm really looking for. That schedule also gives me at least 1 day of rest in between each work out.


At 3:25 PM, Blogger smokkee said...

WTG Trip! it's hard to be disciplined enuf to get in shape.


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