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A Tale Of Two Donkeys

I played Al's Riverchasers tourney last night on Full Tilt and had a damn fine time in the process. It had been a while since GCox and I had spent some time on the girlie chat and the felt, so when we talked earlier in the day about playing, I was pumped up. Strangely enough, out of 119 runners, GCox and I ended up at the same starting table. 18 lucky mofo's would get a payday, though the nice money didn't begin until around 6th place.

I almost immediately chipped up when my AK hit the nut straight on a flop of Q T J. It was a beauty and would actually be the first of three flopped nut straights I saw last night (though that was the only one I was a part of).

Not sure if I could have extracted anymore chips based on my bets, but here is the hand for review. I love playing it weak early, thus keeping the 2nd guy in the hand. Thankfully, TRIXEY helped me by throwing out his/her own weak bets to slowly build the pot. With our small starting stacks, by the time the river had come, my all-in bet looked like I was trying to take the pot no matter what two cards I held.

Over the next hour I ended up building my stack and shared the chip lead for most of the tourney with a number of other players, including 23skidoo.

Eventually, we broke the payday bubble and I was feeling good about my chances to take down the tourney. I think I was 2nd in chips when this hand occurred. On the next I was the short stack and it folded to me in late position and I pushed with AT. I was called by the BB and he showed AJ. I did not improve and I was gone. From 2nd in chips to out in 16th in two hands. Oh well, I did what I could to put myself in a position to take down the tourney. It was just not to be.

Here is where things got interesting and why poker is such a wild game. Looking back, when we were on the bubble, I believe I was 2nd in chips and GCox was at or near the bottom of the pack. I was rooting for him to make it in the money. Once the bubble burst, it wasn't long before my KK was cracked and I was sent packing.

GCox, on the other hand, nursed his short stack something fierce. I have never seen someone take a small stack and ride it from 19th out of 20 players remaining all the way down to a 3rd place finish. That's right, he managed to bob and weave his way to the final table and down to 3rd. It wasn't until there were 3 remaining that he actually built up his chips and had a decent chance to take down the whole thing. Before that, he just played his rock style and won enough hands to stay afloat. Eventually, the lagtard chipleader woke up with a hand and took GCox out in 3rd. Nice job G...from near last in chips to a $150 payday. Well done, Sir.

So that is a tale of two donkeys. Yep, GCox and I both use the donkey avatars on Full Tilt.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 11:17 AM, Anonymous mookie99 said...

Nice run...tough hand at the end though. Ouch.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

Thanks bro, for the kind words and the railbirding. It was a weird tourney at the end, that is for sure, and I got lucky, lucky, lucky several times during the run. You were playing fantastic and just ran into a tough two-outer. Your game looks extremely sharp right now, stay after it.

Thanks again,



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