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You Want The Candy? You Can't Have The Candy!

I'm at home today with the kiddies. We think KidJax has strep throat and LilJax is strugglin' as well, though we're not sure what she has. We are taking them both to the Doctor soon, so this will have to be a shorty post today.

I played the bloggerpods tourney last night, but didn't even make it halfway through the event. I went out rather boringly, but I did have a good time while I was there. We were knee deep in the middle of sick kids so I wasn't too disappointed when I was knocked out. I never want to get knocked out of a tourney, but when kids are sick and need you, it makes it easier to take.

Also, I expect my 80gb ipod video will be coming in the mail today, so that makes my finish in the tourney a little bit easier to take. I can't wait to get that thing in the mail! Over the weekend, I put every single CD I own onto my iTunes. I don't know if I should be disappointed or happy, but I only had a little under 2000 songs to burn, which represents about 7 gb.

Granted, I have probably lost or loaned out over 50 cd's over the years, but still 7gbs seems rather low. I've got my work cut out for me in filling up that bad boy. Luckily, between songs, movies, tv shows, podcasts and audiobooks, I get the feeling it will fill up quicker than I expected.

Backl to poker...after things settled down and the kids were in bed, I decided to fire up and play some heads up tourneys. I usually play the $11 Turkey Room tables because you get the most comp points for the buy-in. You actually get 90 comp points in the $11 tourneys and only 80 comp points for the Cougar Room $21 tables. Also, the Turkey Room has the blinds go up every 8 minutes instead of every 10 hands, so it is not as much of a crapshoot.

I note the above because, for whatever reason, it looks like they've dropped the Turkey Room tables from their offering. It's been 2 days now and I still haven't seen them available. Thus, last night I decided to play the $21 tables. I logged on and signed up and immediately a tourney opened up.

Before the game was set to start, my opponent asked if I would push all-in on the 1st hand with him. At first I said no, but then I decided to go for it after he kept asking over and over. I ended up having 8 2 o and he had some other crap hand, but it was better than mine and held up, so I lost.

I logged into another $21 heads-up tourney and low and behold, there he was again. Same request to push on the 1st hand, but this time I wouldn't. Of course he berates me for being a pussy, but I just waited patiently to trap him with a nice Ace or a pocket pair. I finally caught a middle pocket pair, but of course he pushes and has JJ. Good game me.

I fired up another $21 tourney and wouldn't you know it, there he is again. Again he urged me to push, but I just kept silent. About 10 hands in my wi-fi connection started to go out on me, so when I was able to get back on the table, I typed in "next hand, all-in?" He obviously agreed and, as I promised, I pushed on my next hand. We got it all-in with my J 9 versus his J 8 and my hand held up. Of course he goes off on a chat tirade, calling my a pussy for not doing it on the 1st hand. Whatever dude.

I decided to log off down one buy-in, which was fine by me. I got my poker fix and gambooled it up with a retarded lemur.

I spent a good amount of the weekend watching basketball. My Tarheels came through winning the ACC tournament and landing a 1st seed in the NCAA tournament. The Pack valiantly played an incredible ACC tourney, but were just worn down in the end against a powerful Tarheel team. I'm looking forward to this NCAA tournament. UNC won the ACC regular season and the ACC tournement, but now it's time to pwn the NCAA tournament. Get your bets in early folks. Go Heels!

My favorite commercial during basketball season is the Alltel commercial where the two guys are playing a pick-up game of basketball and the one guy is an absolute idiot. "You want the candy, you can't have the candy...they call me the busdriver, cause I'm about to take you to school...Faeduh!" Then his shot gets blocked into his face and he breaks his nose. I swear I could watch that commercial 1 million times and never get tired of it. Thankfully they keep bringing it back each year.

Well, that will have to do it for me today. Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 12:42 PM, Blogger slb159 said...

I'm sure you don't feel bad about accepting his every offer to just shove the first hand every match, and I agree with you 100%.

Most intelligent (or marginally intelligent) people play poker to improve their game and thus, their bankroll. Playing crapshoots obviously does neither, so I don't even know why that guy is at the tables.

Maybe if you see him again, you can invite him to cc's next HU challenge tourney, so I can teach him a lesson or four. ;)

Take care

At 12:43 PM, Blogger slb159 said...

make that "not accepting his..."

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Matt said...

If you need a good way to fill up your 80gb, check out soulseek. It's like an iTunes store, only it's free. Sure, it's what some people call "illegal" downloading, but really it's not.

Let me know if you want more details.


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