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Bachelor Parties, Barry Bonds & Serious Bidness

Ahoy all. Alas the Okie-Vegas trip reports will have to be put on hold until next week. I'm heading out in the a.m. for a extra long weekend bachelor party and I just can't put forth the effort of writing a long post today. All I can say is...partying, strip clubs, casinos oh my!

I'll be back to posting Tuesday or Wednesday of next week though...pinky swear.

For today I just want to throw out a couple of random things and see what sticks.

I watched the ESPN special last night about Barry Bonds and the scandal surrounding his reported steroid use/abuse. During the show it came up numerous times that he was not the friendliest of people when it came to media and the circus that surrounded him day in and day out. It got me thinking, which is usually a scary thing.

Now the above paragraph pretty much explains, at least partially, why he had to have a thick skin. He constantly had people in his face. Imagine that for a moment. You have a good day at the plate and you have 50 people waiting to interview you. You have a horrible day and 50 people are waiting to interview you. You take the day off from playing and 50 people are waiting to interview you. And this is not just because of the controversy. Ever since he has been considered the next great chance to break the homerun record, he has been hounded.

All the above duly noted...I wonder. I wonder this is assuming he did take performance enhancing drugs mind you...but I wonder if there is any correlation to the point in time where he started taking drugs and the point in time his sour attitude really started to kick in.

Point being...drugs can do some crazy ass shit to your behaviour. So whose to say his attitude wasn't at least partially the result of the drugs that were taken. It would be interesting to see if there would be a way to go back to journalist archives and search for a pattern of increased sour attitude around the alleged time of the drug use. It wouldn't prove anything, but it would probably dig the hole Barry has to climb out of just little deeper.

On a side note, I'm sure we've probably all heard the rumors that steroids can make your pee pee smaller. That's a shame for Barry Bonds. He must have dropped from a 12 incher to a 10 incher. Poor guy.

I was offered a job recently that both excites and petrifies me at the same time. It is close to an offer I can't refuse, but I've given myself and the family time to mull it over and decide. I've been at the same job going on 9 years now so it would be a big deal to me if I were to make a change. I really like where I work so that makes it an even tougher decision. Glad I have a weekend of drinking with buddies to think things through. Who am I kidding...we'll be at strip clubs hanging out with capital knockers half the time. Honey, if you're reading this, I'll be sure to cover my eyes when boobies are near. I'll peek through the cracks of my fingers, but that's all.

Moving on quickly...

Time to study up on my craps and blackjack. Trips to casinos two weeks in a row?! My mind is playing tricks on me!

Until next time, may the felt be with you

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At 8:24 PM, Blogger Matt said...

I don't have any direct confirmation, but I've read at least a handful of stories documenting how he was an asshole even in his Arizona State days.

BTW, my workplace is putting a ban on certain blogs, and for some reason yours was picked. Congrats!

At 9:10 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

I have made it in the blogging community...I have been banned!

At 11:51 AM, Blogger BrainMc said...

Just a suggestion for your posts, less Bonds and more Boobs please. Thanks. HeHe. Have a great weekend.

At 4:13 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

Who cares if he is an asshole, he is still the man. I don't care what anyone says, hitting that many home runs takes serious talent, drugs or no drugs, you still need the hand-eye to pull it off again and again. Of course, I might be biased... I was there for his 73rd... the cit of SF loves him and that is all that matters.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

We're the damn trip report Trip? How can we live vicariously through you when you don't tell us what happens?

BTW - I finally got around to adding a few posts on CineJax. I have a bunch more in the pipeline but ran out of time.


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