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I managed to miss The Mookie last night as we were out watching the city fireworks show which turned out to be great. The show is within walking distance of our house, which is really cool, but can also be a hassle due to all the traffic in our neighborhood. I hate I missed the pokery action 'cause I heard it was changed to a 3000 chip starting stack.

Now I know only a few weeks ago I mentioned how I liked the subtle differences in The Math and The Mookie, including the different starting chip stacks, but I must now admit, I think the 3000 is much better in the long run. The only downside will probably be the length of time to complete the tournament, but considering The Math is that long and it doesn't bother me personally, I see no reason why it wouldn't do well for The Mookie too. That's just my 2 cents.

As Okie-Vegas draws near, I'm starting to get the tingling sensation in my stomach. It's mainly from anticipation, but there's also some jitters from being away from the family that long for anything other than a business trip. I had originally planned on only doing a weekend jaunt via plane, but when we decided to make the drive there with a stop-off in Tunica, I knew we would need to tack on a few extra days just for the driving. ChickJax is an absolute trooper and it means a lot to me that she doesn't mind me taking the occasional trip to play the game I love with the incredible friends I've met since starting this gay blog.

Thanks babe.

There's been a lot of posts lately centering around the points system that was used in the BBT this year. I for one really enjoyed the entire series and don't think the points system was a big deal. Anyone who solely played for the points got what they deserved and most likely paid for it in the long run.

I must admit, in the first couple of events I fell into the "points pit" hoping to ease my way into the points and then make my moves. However, I very quickly realized that it made zero sense to do this. I knew I was going to make the freeroll 'cause I would definitely play at least half of the events, so the only thing left was to try to place in the top 5 for some extra prizes.

I truly believe you have to enter every tournament with eyes on the prize and nothing else. Squeeking into the points or money shouldn't be your main priority in these low buy-in online tournaments. If you aren't gunning for 1st, you are missing the gravy.

As for any future BBT events, as I hope there will be a BBTwo, I have some ideas swirling around in my head for a follow-up series and I'll be sure to post them here so others can critque. I know I have nothing to do with the actual prep, but it can't hurt to try and build and work to improve on a great thing. I think Mookie's idea of an FTOPS (ish) kind of series structure would be rather cool and not take as long as a 40 tournament series. I want to put a little more thought into it, but I'll post about it soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 3:04 PM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

If you look at the top of the leaderboard you will see something funny. Bayne and Jecii played almost the same number of event. Bayne won 4 (holy mackerel) and Jecii cashed only 1 time in 38 tries (whaaaa?). They were in the money 28 times each and got 1st and 3rd place overall.

So obviously the fact that Bayne won 1600+ while Jecii won 118 on the same investment is absurd. Then Bayne gets an extra 930 and Jecii 372 (I don't think he broke even there).

But the funnier part of all this is that Jecii beat out Hoy by 6 points and denied him the extra moola.

Anyway, I am not sure what my point was now. I could only manage 10 events...

Oh, here's my point - good job on being top money earner in 16th place???


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