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Poker PayPal

It's that time again kids. Gotta drop a quick review post to help pad the ever depleting bankroll.

I must admit, when I received the offer to review
Poker Paypal, I was quite surprised. Not because someone actually wanted me to review their site, but because Paypal actually processes payments for poker sites. That really threw me for a loop. Who knew??!!

The two current poker sites at
Paypal Poker are BetFair Poker and Ladbrokes Poker. I can't say much for those particular poker sites since I've never played at them, but you can get more info about them at the Paypal Poker website. From what I've read so far, they seem to be all good.

So here's the deal. All you fine folks living in the U. S. and A. won't get much out of this site right now. The fine print states neither of the above poker sites accepts US Players. However, any visitors to this here blog from across the pond might find this information interesting. And considering approximately 25% of my readers are from Europe & Asia, I'd say this might be beneficial to a few of you.

So if you get a hankerin', go check out
Poker Paypal. The site is pretty basic, but it gets straight to the point. If you want to play some poker while using a reputable clearing/processing site such as PayPal, then they just might be your huckleberry. Check'em out and decide for yourself.

And, yes, this was a paid review.

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