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The Pareto Principle

Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? Also known as the 80/20 Rule, this principle basically states that for many situations, 80% of the effects are derived from 20% of the causes. To offer an example, in the financial services industry, Financial Advisors usually generate 80% of their compensation/production from 20% of their client base. So if they have 100 clients, their top 20 clients are gravy, while the other 80 are probably costing them in the long run (between time and sheer volume of work to keep up with them).

This principle got me thinking about poker. Imagine mind straying from work to poker...unheard of (*cough*). Specifically, last week I was playing 4 turbo sng's at once. In each I pretty much tried to play a tight aggressive game early on, but ramped up my aggression as the blinds started to get out of hand. Eventually, as I made it deeper in the sng's, I was pushing all-in in almost any position that I had a chance to force players out with tough decisions.

Of the four sng's, I went out midway through one, on the bubble in another, then I made the money in the other two, winning one of them. In the 3 that I made it relatively deep in, I caught a raft of shit from random players in each. For instance, in one of the sng's we were down to the bubble and the blinds were huge relative to the average stack size. I had been pushing players off hands left and right once the blinds picked up. I had the chiplead and pushed my stack in on the cut-off with A7 and was called by the big blind who was becoming a shorty. He had A9 and I spiked a 7 to knock him out.

Then there was another guy who outright told us in the chat box most of the sng that he had not been catching anything for cards the whole time. I of course took advantage of this and pushed him off of hand after hand with junk. Eventually he was almost down to the felt while I had plenty of chips to work with. I again pushed with A7 and he finally "woke up" with a hand of 5-5. He called my all-in and I spiked an Ace or Seven to knock him out (can't remember which one). Of course I was immediately a horrible player for my actions and I was beat up in the chat box for quite a while.

One guy went so far as to stay at the sng for another 20 minutes after I had knocked him out. He kept bitching about my play and challenging me to a heads-up match. He laughed at me for coming in 2nd place and said he knew I wouldn't win it (he finished in 6th I think). After that sng I then signed up for a different sng with a higher buy-in. Of course he was tracking/follwing me so he could show me his awesomeness. He came in 9th out of 9. Good game sir. I didn't here from him again.

And now back to the Pareto Principle.

I think 80% of players in any given online game are tarded lemurs. The other 20% feed on tarded lemurs. The 80% who are tarded lemurs pad the bankroll of the other 20%. It's pretty much as simple as that.

Thank God for tarded lemurs that play poker...especially the ones that play turbo sng's like they are WSoP events with 60 minute blind levels. Bless you all... go sign up for the Hoy tonight.

And until next time, may the felt be with you.

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