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Okie-Vegas Day 1b

I sometimes feel a tad weird writing about my drunken pokery shenanigans on days at or around a catastrophe such as the bridge collapse. However, I'm a big believer in keeping your regular routine as much as possible during tough times, so I'll go ahead and post this anyway. My prayers are with any and everyone whose lives will forever be changed by that terrible event.

If you read all the way through Okie-Vegas Day 1a, then you already know I was knee deep into some pokery goodness even though and I had just arrived in Oklahoma. I crashed hard for a couple of hours before G popped his head into the room to let me know it was time to roll.

After all the troops were rallied, we grabbed some grub at a local grill. Damn good food I must say. Maudie snagged some pics of us and I got a kick out of this one of 23skidoo...

"Excuse me waitress, but I believe I order the large..."

We then played a SNG at Maudie's house, though unfortunately I donked out rather early. I had a hexcellent time playing a live sng with my fellow broggers. I was also able to lay the groundwork of my beer guzzling for the remainder of the day during that tournament...

It wasn't long after Maudie's that we were headed for the casino. I'm happy to report I managed to double my buy-in there. I had quite a few beers and a couple shots at the table so walking away up was a miracle. I played some hands pretty well and limited my losses where possible. All in all it was one of my best live cash game showings ever. I put people to the test whenever possible and capitalized on my big hands. I doubled up through oossuuu754 on a hand I wish I could remember exactly. If you remember the action exactly let me know oossuuu754. It was an interesting hand. I also stacked a guy who had just sat down next to me. He was one of the many non-broggers who sat down in the 2 seat and felt the wrath of gheyness at the table.

Eventually Gary Carson joined us from another table and I enjoyed talking with him. He is a strange bird, but good people. My favorite point of the conversation with him was as follows (to the best of my memory, though Maudie wrote it down)...

Gary - This table is much better.
Me - 'Cause we're such great players?
Gary - No...less smoke.

No doubt, Gary, no doubt.

After the casino we headed back to GCox's house and decided to call it a night. The serious drinking and poker would begin the next day as we headed to G's lake house.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 3:35 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

I can't wait for Part 3. I've already set my calendar for Sept. 8th. Is that too soon to expect it?


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