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Welcome AMookiELIA

Work is breaking me into particles this week. I've had zero time to write, but regardless I'm trying to spit this post out as quickly as possible. I wish I could say I get home and find peace at the tables, but so far the BBThree is slow going for me. I had high hopes in The Big Game on Sunday, but that didn't go over too well as I fizzled some where in the middle. Then in The Hoy on Monday I ran my full house into quads.

Last night I fonked way too early in the BoDonkey whiffing QQ into AA, then played We Todd Ed in the Skillz Series. I barely paid any attention in the first hour, which is horrible for a game that, A) requires mucho attention and, B) I'm not very good at. I really felt out of place as I just don't play Stud Hi enough to make sense of it all or make the right moves at the right times. After somehow surviving the first hour I decided to really start watching what I was doing as well as the action and, low and behold, I started to play much better. Amazing how that works. Still, I wasn't able to bring home any bacon or points. So far I've goose egged the BBThree leaderboard.

Tonight I will try and right the ship at The Mookie. Speaking of Ze Mook, congrats my friend, and a big welcome to Amelia!

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At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Mookie said...

Thank you!!


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