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Quick Hits

Two items that are getting all kinds of news lately...

First, the BBThree is on like fonkey kong! As close to complete details as you can get so far are here. Obviously Sir Al CAN Hang and we should all thank him for it accordingly. I'm already signed up for the first installment, The Big Game. I loves me some Big Game Action.

Second, Full Tilt has updated their software with some cool options. I'll just point you to where I first read it at Mookie's blog. Of the items listed, I love the T$ and that satellites no longer have to turn into pointless push fests once you are a winner.

One of the other updates is you can no longer chat when a player is all-in and there is still action remaining. I believe this means we will see an increase in The Hoy and Reverse Hoy plays (for those that don't know what those are, read this strategy post I wrote a while back). Those players that frequent the same MTT's as I - whether private blonkament or regular tourney - will know I'm a pretty big fan of using both actions. Expect to see both plays whipped out even more during BBThree!

There is one exception, however, that I thought about last night in The Mookie. With these knew Knockout Tournaments, Hoying someone can cost you a knockout bounty if you don't watch out. On the other hand, Reverse Hoying someone can keep another player from receiving a bounty if they are not watching the action and don't notice that you kept 1 chip back. It might make for an interesting expirement to always Reverse Hoy when you are going to get your chips in, just to see what your opponent does.

Last night was an interesting game for me at The Mookie. Things were going my way early and I knew if I didn't cash big, it would ultimately be a let down. Things started off quick when I picked up AA probably within the first couple of orbits. I did something I rarely do early in a tournament and limped in late position with them. Three of us went to the flop. I knew this action could be costly, but I went into the tourney wanting to switch up my play as things have been stagnant for me lately. Sitting idly by early just hasn't been cutting it lately, so I was looking for a change.

So I limped AA early and the flop came down KXX, all same suit, with one of my aces being that suit (can't remember what suit at the moment, but I'm thinking clubs). I either bet or called a bet and Schaubs over bet by pushing all-in. It was an extreme action and it caught me off guard at first. I took a second to think about it and knew there was NO WAY he could think I have AA and I truly felt like he had AK. He ended up having a set and I turned an Ace and rivered the nut flush, sending him packing. Given my thoughts on the hand, I like my play since I put him on a King and, even if I'm wrong, I have some back door options to save me. Not sure what others who saw the hand think, but it made for some interesting action. Schaubs questioned why I didn't fold, but I don't think he really wants a fold there, he just was frustrated that he was up against a hand that could take him out. Thoughts?

The only other hand of note came at the final table, when I was looking to get some good chips to make a run for first. I don't think I had limped a monster since that AA hand mentioned above, but I woke up with KK in early to mid position. I decide to limp as the action had been pretty heavy with raises, potential steals & resteals. I knew I could get paid if the right person raised me or pushed. I'll leave the rest of this story to Wawfuls:

I actually only won one hand while behind tonight. It was against TripJax.
We just made the money and he limped Kings.. I jammed sixes into him and four flushed his ass pretty much out of the game.

That hand took me from potential 1st or 2nd in chips to basically last place. Not long after I was toast in 8th place. In the money, but for bread crumbs. I also lost a pretty huge hand earlier at the final two tables when I felt LJ was stealing (or restealing, can't remember) and stuffed my chips in with AK. She called with QQ and won the race. Either of those hands come through and I'm probably looking at a top 3 finish. Lets just say I'm licking my chops for The Big Game.

Until next time, may the felt be with you .

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At 3:06 PM, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I felt kinda bad.. not extremely bad.. but just kinda.. GG man. Stop all this lame ass limping monsters in EP.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

You are right, I should stop all this silly move making that, more often than not, helps me rake in bucket loads of chips at most aggressive final tables.

What was I thinking?!

ggamin' dude.

At 10:26 PM, Blogger Bloody P said...

If this was from your family, please accept my condolences:

At 10:14 AM, Blogger lightning36 said...

I am usually not a fan of limping monsters, but catching a set of Aces vs a set of 3's while limping last night was pretty sweet for me.

High risk, high reward. What can you say? It just sucks that one or two hands make the difference between success and disappointment.

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Blackpool Club Poker Player said...

Wow, I always learned that you never hold a monster hand like that and not raise preflop. But then again, I've been in situations where I raise and some moron decides to stay in.

Just recently I got dealt pocket aces for the first hand of my night so I raised 10 times the big blind, knowing that there were a bunch of fish at the table that would call. Sure enough, I got called by a Q8 offsuit and watched as two queens fell on the flop. :-/


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