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Like many others last night I managed to watch the beginning of the 2008 WSoP Main Event on ESPN.  Overall it was an okay telecast, but there were two moments that stuck out from my recollection.  How lucky did ESPN get in catching a portion of a hand that saw one man get knocked out with Quad Aces by another man who hit a Royal Flush when an Ace of diamonds hit the river?  It just so happened Ray Romano of Everybody Felts Romano was at the table, and as seems to be the case every year, the ESPN cameras and media flock to his table.

Imagine stuffing all your chips in the middle of the pot during a WSoP Main Event hand that sees you land Quad Aces and you walk away a loser.  Guess that just goes as a reminder to us all, if you don't have the nuts, you can lose the hand.  Yikes none the less.

The other moment was short, but I think will have a lasting impression.  Unfortunately it happened amidst a douchebaggery moment by some random old fogie.  He might be someone famous or "special," but I have no idea who he is so he gets the random old fogie (ROF) title here.  During an all-in ROF was berating the table and the player who was deciding whether to call his all-in.  He was yelling so loud everyone had to hear him as he announced he was "THE GREATEST PLAYER TO NEVER WIN A MAJOR TOURNAMENT!"

None of the above is what I figure will have staying power as that's just more of the tuckfardness we see on televised poker these days; however, I did love his "REPORT TO THE RAIL!" comment at the end of the scene.  Yes it was even more jackassery, but I admit to chuckling after that one.  I get the feeling we may see that one in the intro footage of the 2009 WSoP Main Event telecast, much like Hellmuth's, "I can dodge bullets baby."  I also think it will be ALL OVER the online poker table chat.  Possibly to the point I will quickly learn to hate it.

That is all.

Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Gabe said...

That old curmudgeon was a trip jaxass. I couldn't tell what was coming out of his Abe Simpson mouth, but "Report to the rail" is pretty funny now that you translated for me.

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Matt Sokol said...

I wasn't watching, although I heard about the royal flush > quad aces thing. I'm definitely going to have to abuse the phrase "report to the rail" now, though, so thanks for that.


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