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Victory Poker Contest

Back in June I wrote about my brother's quest to become a member of Team Victory Poker.  Here are the specifics direct from the Victory Poker Contest website:

One lucky male or female out there will win $100,000 in tournament buy-ins, a fully furnished condo on the Las Vegas strip, a new car, a watch, and more!  To enter, you need to create a 1 minute video convincing us why YOU should be the next Victory Poker Pro. Create a profile on the page and get your friends to vote for your video (they can vote once a day). 25 people will be chosen and flown out to Vegas to meet the team. After testing your abilities and going through some fun challenges in poker, it finalizes down to one person whose life will be changed. Will it be you?

When he first posted his video, I wasn't sure how much traction it would receive.  For starters, most of the videos were trying to be funny.  I say trying because none of them are really too funny, save for a couple that made me chuckle briefly.  On the other hand, my brother's video is poignant and, quite frankly, to the point.  Often contest voters go for funny over serious, so I had concerns right off the bat.  Also, he posted his video rather late in the contest.  Quite a few people had already listed their video and were receiving tons of votes.  I felt these road blocks would make it an up hill climb for sure.

Fast forward to today and my bro is 3rd in voting out of 70+ videos!  Since posting his video he has received 3935 votes.  Make that 3936 as he just got my vote.  The amazing thing to me is his vote per visit percentage.  That is to say, 75% of people who view his video vote for him.  I'm pretty sure he has the best vote per visit ratio.  Compare his percentage to the guy in first place, who gets a vote just 22% of the time.  That dude has a TON more visits, which is the reason for his success.  He definitely has the flashiest video and I don't expect anyone to catch up to him, including my bro.  Still, all this tells me my bro has some loyal fans who continually revisit, and vote when they do.
And with that, I would ask you to please take one minute to sign up and vote for my bro.  As noted above, you can vote once daily.  Every vote counts and I know he would greatly appreciate it.
Bro, whether you win or not, color me impressed.

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At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Sam said...

Victory Poker is a realy nice room to play on.
i like antonio esfandiary


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