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I Can't Believe What Just Happened

Holy shit...I can't believe what just happened a couple of hours ago. This was just crazy. Let me set the scene...

I got home around 5:30pm today and was chilling with the fam in the living room when I heard what I thought was an ambulance siren. My 4 year old, Jaxon, was on the couch with me and I told him to run to the porch to see if he could catch a glimpse, since he loves anything with a siren on it (what 4 year old doesn't?). The front door was already open so it was easy for him to run out onto the porch. Once he made it out there, I realized that something strange was going on. There was a really loud motor chiming in with the siren. I jumped up and ran out on the porch just in time to see a crotch rocket motorcycle fly through the stop sign at the intersection directly in front of our house. A Suburban SUV (undercover cop) was chasing the motorcycle, but at least slowed down long enough to see if the intersection was clear.

The motorcycle had to be doing between 50 - 75mph and I knew this would be a problem if he was not used to our neighborhood. The posted speed limit is 25mph and he was in for a surprise just a few 100 feet down the road where the road came to a dead end. There is a chance to turn left before the dead end, but as fast as he was going, I knew he wouldn't make that turn without wrecking. By the time he went past us I looked at my wife and said, "we better watch the news tonight to see details about the dude who D.I.E.D. while trying to run from the cops." (gotta spell out some things around the boy ya know).

After about 15 seconds I decided to walk out onto the front lawn to see if anything was going on and was completely amazed when I saw the villain running directly towards me with his helmet still on. The cop was trailing him with gun in hand and a dog giving chase not far from the villain. My wife and son had walked out with me and my first thought was getting them the hell outta dodge. With the guy only about 30 feet away I yelled for wifey to grab boy and head for the door and lock it. After about 100000th of a second I decided it was probably best that I follow them. I was thinking there was a good chance this guy would be desperate enough to try and grab one or all of us and attempt to take us hostage in our own home...especially if he's packing. It was truly one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me and the fam. We busted ass back up the steps and towards the door.

Like a dumbass, once at the front door, instead of locking it behind me I told wifey to lock the door while I go check out what is going on. I was confused/concerned cause I didn't see him run past our house and things had gotten strangely quite. I leaned around the porch door to get a view and saw that the villain was down and was in the process of being cuffed. About 45 seconds later 8 police cars were surrounding both mine and my neighbors yard. Within a couple more minutes half the neighborhood was in my front yard to talk about what had just happened.

I decided to go talk with my neighbor who ended up being about 10 feet from the crazyness since it ended in his yard. He said it all happened so fast he didn't know whether to run away or tackle the guy. One second he was watching a crazy race and the next he was right slap in the middle of a foot chase. He had the same hostage thoughts running through his head, but was even closer to the chaos.

So here's what happened during the parts I missed, but the neighbor was able to see. The motorcycle flies past our house and is unable to make the left turn, thus getting stuck at the dead end. The SUV (I guess that now stands for Slick Undercover Vehicle) was able to block the motorcycle in the dead end, but somehow the cycle spun out and was able to turn around. A civilian in a white truck was driving down the same road just a few seconds behind the chase, but he didn't realize what was going on. It didn't take long for him to see what was happening and when the cycle spun out and attempted to go around the SUV, the civilian put his truck in reverse and tried to block the guy in. Instead of blocking the guy in he nailed him with the side of his truck causing the dude to bust ass pretty bad. The bike was totaled. The dude jumped up and began to run and ended up in our neighbors yard not long after. When he heard the dog giving chase - right about the same time we were headed back to the front door - he actually stopped and put his hands up to surrender. The cop called off the dog and then tackled the dude. He gave the guy a few good shots to the gut with his fist before putting his arms behind his back. He was handcuffed and they kept him on his stomach with his helmet on for a good 5 minutes. After the ambulance arrived and checked him out they decided he could be picked up and moved to the back of the police car. They took his helmet off and he looked like a typical white dude. Nothing too villain about him, except for everything I just wrote.

It was truly unbelievable to experience it.

O.K. if you read my last post you know I was planning to take the week off from poker and blogging. I'm happy to write I haven't even thought about poker since my last post on Monday. It has felt good to take a break, but I think I'll play a few games this weekend. I'm also starting to get a hankering for some poker posts which just hasn't been the case for me lately. Looking forward to it all. I really wanna make some comments via post to some of the great stuff bloggers are writing these days so I'll try to do that soon.

In the meantime, I still can't get over what happened belief.

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