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Kicked In The Junk

Sup all. Not a whole lot to write about tonight, but I still want to post. Mostly random junk.

First, allow me to get something out of the way. Even though I had a shit ton of work to do today, I still found some time during lunch to work on a little project that I decided to do while chatting in the tourney last night.

This is basically a joke, but check it out...if it takes off, and people actually start posting, then so be it! Moving on...

Last night after I got knocked out I decided to play in a WSOP cheap ass satellite. It was the one that kept popping up during the WPBT event. This was the stupidest possible thing I could do...first it was a waste of money cause even if I had won a seat to the qualifier, there's no way I would have stayed up late enough to play in the actual event. I guess I was just wanting to play more poker for cheap.

About 20 minutes in I catch Rockets and watch as 1 guy raises and another guy re-raises in front of me. I push my remaining stack which was a hefty raise and watch as they both call off the rest of their stacks to me. I was amazed when they flipped over 10 8 offsuit and 3 3. Of course, Sir Mini Pair catches a 3 on the flop and I'm tossed way, way early. It was the best thing for me cause there was no reason for me to be there.

Still not having enough I decided to play a Mini Step Level 1 over at Party. I proceed to get Ace Rag offsuit nine consecutives hands to start the game. I'm not sure what the odds of that happening are, but I would imagine it's pretty rare. This after I got an Ace when drawing for the button (guess that really makes 10 Aces in a row). Since the Steps typically reward tight play early in that if you finish 7 - 10 you get nothing, I folded every single A Rag I received. I kept an eye on each hand and would have lost every one that actually made it to showdown. I ended up finishing in 3rd so I got a freeroll into another Step 1.

Moving on...did anyone watch the heads up tourney on CBS(?) Sunday? I must say, though I enjoyed the show in the end, I was a little annoyed at first. After about 25 minutes of an hour long show, I think they had shown maybe 5 total hands. The majority of the first half was filler and/or fancy intros to segments. There were a few good interviews, like the guy who invented the holecard camera table, but other than that, I felt like I was being shafted for hand content. In the end, they did a pretty good job of showing some good hands, but I hope they step it up a notch as the show continues. The format was pretty cool (like March Madness bracket) and they used really cool mini tables that would probably work well for a fellow esteemed blogger (so I'm told), or his hired little person help, if the guy would ever show up on time.

Let's finish this post up with some real randomness. I eat at a local joint called Tex & Shirley's at least once a week. It's the type of restaurant that serves breakfast all day and where everybody knows your name. There's a man who's been working their for years who buses the tables. He's probably 40+ and I don't think I've ever heard him say anything other than the occasional your welcome when you say thank you to him for clearing your table. In fact, he usually just nods his head. So me and my boy were eating there and this guy was talking up a storm to another busboy as they were cleaning off the tables. As they neared a table right behind ours, I could here the guy saying something to the tune of, "So I put him on A Q offsuit and..." It's everywhere.

Until next time...

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