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Fun With Callwave: #2 (GCox Style)

Work is kicking my ask, which is why I'm just getting to my first post of the week today. I'm gearing up for Vegas like it's my job. Blogdamm I can't wait! ChickJax and I are flying in Friday morning and should be perusing the IP lobby at or around 11:00am. Look for us folks 'cause we're new to the Vegas scene.

In lieu of posting any poker stuff, which has been rather meh for me lately, I'm gonna do another Fun With Callwave post. If you missed my 1st one, or if you just wanna know what the hell I'm talking about, check here. This particular call was from none other than your friend and mine, Mr. GCox25. I called him drunk off my ask on Friday night and he returned the favor Saturday night. Unfortunately I was nursing a sickness (I swear it wasn't hangover related) and was passed out when he called. Enjoy.

The GIST As Texted To Me:

...City you can call me when you're good and let up last night but I can't call you when I'm getting drunk tonight what rod yeah I'm in the parking lot of because was bar add - for travel like in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma thought I'd give you a call for a little doll shot but apparently you're busy so I will - let you go talk to you - to probably before Thursday but if not Thursday or Friday zebra.

My Initial Take After Reading The Text, But Prior To Listening To The Voicemail:

~ I knew right away he was on to me for calling him on Friday, but not catching him on Saturday. I couldn't figure out what "rod" meant though. Figured he was calling me a "dillrod" or something.

~ When I read parking lot, I figured he was at the lake house bar parking lot taking a shot. During Okie-Vegas #1 we would leave the bar and hit the parking lot to hit the Southern Comfort bottle since they didn't serve liquor in the bar. Good times.

~ To hell with dial-a-shots, we're taking Doll Shots now. That's gotta involve taking shots off of strippers or something.

~ I really need to talk to GCox25 about his Friday zebra.

The Actual Voice Message From GCox25:

"Uh Trip...this is GCox in Oklahoma you can call me when you're good and lit up last night, but I can't call you when I'm good and drunk tonight...what the fuck! I'm in the parking lot at the Crows Roost bar at Fort Cobb lake in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma and thought I'd give you a call for a little dial-a-shot, but apparently your busy so I will let you to you probably before Thursday, but if not probably Thursday or Friday...see ya bro...bye."

So the system turns "see ya bro," into "zebra." That's gold, Callwave, gold!

Gotta love it.



Until next time, may the felt be with you.


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