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It's Been A Hard Days Night

It will be that is...tomorrow is setting up to be a busy day for me. I just got a call from a fellow poker buddy who dabbles in real estate asking if I would like to do some hard labor for cheap money. So of course I said "Hell Yeah". Basically he buys houses, fixes them up quick, and gets them back on the market. Tomorrow, I'll be getting $8 an hour to paint some walls, carry some wood, and whatever else he needs to make sure the house is ready Monday morning. As a business man, he's a smart, savvy character who gets the job done. And I expect everything will go smoothly. As a poker player, he's good...he knows the pot odds and when he should and should not do certain things...but he's an extreme hot head when it comes to getting bad beated or seeing someone playing other than the standard. One time, after getting knocked out of a tournament we both played in, he said, "I can relate to Phil Helmuth when he bitches about being a great player having to deal with bad players". Classic. I really like said person and enjoy playing poker with's good to have all sorts when you play...keeps it interesting.

I'll probably work until about 3pm because I have to be home by 4pm for a tournament I am registered for. Some how, some way, I was able to register for one of Empire Pokers $10,000 freeroll tournaments. An incredible 2000 people will be playing for a chance to take home some sweet cash at $0 cost. That's almost as many people who played in the 2004 WSOP! And lest I forget to mention that it is a limit tournament so...uuuhhh...this could take a while. Atleast in the no limit tournaments you have jokers going all in every second so it doesn't take quite as long, but in this one, I'm really gonna have to grind to make it in the money. The top 220 players make it in the money, though it doesn't really become worth the time or money (scratch that part about the money) until you get to the top 50 or so. First place is a sweet $2100.

So, it's gonna be a hard days night if things go as planned. It might take 10 hours to get this thing done, but it's poker baby and, as Nick Bakay from ESPN says, "I'm just livin the dream".

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