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I'm Back Baby or Taxes Not So Taxing

A short post today. If you read my previous post you know I was happy to find Party had deposited $50 into my account with no strings attached. I've played 4 SNG's so far and won 2 of them so the good times keep a rolling. Hoping the trend continues tonight as I'm headed to one of my buddies house for a PL Omaha HiLo tournament. Looks like about 18 guys for this one. Also, I'm gonna open up a PokerStars account tonight in hopes that I can get the account funded in time for the WPBT tomorrow. However, I just had a fellow co-worker tell me I might not have given myself enough time to get a deposit in. I am set up with NetTeller, but he doesn't think PokerStars takes them. I'm really bummed if that's the case as I had finally worked out being able to play in the tournament...would have been my first WPBT...we'll see...

As for why taxes are not so taxing...though they suck all year long...for the first time in a number of years I'm actually getting a decent amount back. Guess marriage, babies, and houses are finally paying off. Now let's play some poker...

I'll write more about my chances of playing the WPBT when I know more. Cross your fingers for me...I've finally got the money to deposit, but not sure if I've given myself enough time. Damnit! I'll know more when I get home from work in just a little while.

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