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Spare Some Change?

No, I'm not soliciting hand outs, though the bankroll could use it. Instead I've decided to change the look and feel of the blog. I know I'm only on my 3rd month of blogging, but I just didn't feel right with the skin I was in. I needed something that I could work with more and luckily I feel like I've found a decent replacement. If you're looking at a green and brown blog then apparently it's working. The best and subsequently worst part of the old blog was the picture I used at the top. Best because it was an outline of a smoking hot body....easy on the eyes no doubt. Worst because the picture took way to much space and the content became secondary. You would have to scroll pretty far down before you got to any real content. Here is the stripped down (pun intended) version of what my blog used to look like. I believe it's actually a picture from one of the Matrix 3 posters that popped up all over the internet before the movie came out.

The new template is a refreshing change that offers more features than the previous. First, it utilizes the screen space much more effectively. There are no huge pictures taking over the blog. Second, it actually has comments which I feel is a must (though I've never gotten a comment yet!). Third, it shows the current months posts by name which the other template did not. And finally, it's just a cleaner blog. I am searching the net for a decent picture to replace my trusty old J cap pic currently occupying said space. If you know of any pictures of a hotty holding playing cards or chips in her hands let me know. I think the title Poker In Arrears begs to have that type of picture eh? Though the title is about my poker play while battling debt, I know you bastardos would rather see a pic of a hotty than a bottle cap.

If you have any comments regarding the new look or content you would like to see let me know. Over the next few weeks/months I will be looking to incorporate RSS or some type of syndication feed onto my site so that I can link fellow bloggers by most recently updated content. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I have a buddy who is a web design guru so maybe he'll help me out on getting this done. Next up, I plan to write about my experiences dealing as well as pimp another blogger. Which comes first is to be determined...

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At 6:53 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

i miss the old pic. :)

i really liked the clean layout of the last skin.

fyi - fer me, yer font is tiny on firefox and nearly impossible to read.


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