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When Losing Is Winning (With No $)

Allow me to set the scene. I've worked all day cleaning dirt and grime for a friend who is priming a house to be ready for sale Monday morning. I bust a move home around 3pm to get a quick shower and fully settled in time for the 4pm freeroll tournament I was able to sign up for on Empire. Top 220 out of 2000 lucky bastards get a payday. And yours truly was in the 220...uuuhhh...bottom 220 that is. After not winning one hand at showdown for the first hour I found myself in the big blind holding KK and only about $450 left. I raise it up and find myself up against 2 others for the flop. A rags & rainbow flop made my Kings look strong to quite strong, but I quickly found myself in a raise/re-raise battle against the guy to my left. Was I up against a set? By the time 2 more rags hit the board, my chip stack was near the felt, and my future was up to the turn of the hole cards. I wasn't worried about Mr. Calling Station who was clearly just along for the ride since he never once raised it up...but Mr. Re-raise was unsettling to say the least. And then, just like that, the cards were turned and it was over. Mr. Reraise had 4's in the hole and hit another 4 on the turn. I can only guess he was raising and re-raising pre-flop and flop cause he thought I had high cards no pair and I wouldn't like the flop. I had him dominated til the turn...but that's poker. I can't be mad cause that's just the way it is...I can't count the number of times I've caught my card to knife someone in the back on the river. The worst part was the dreaded "you have finished in 1803rd place" pop up on my screen that made me feel about 2 feet tall...but only for a few moments.

Which brings me to when losing is actually winning. I played over an hour of poker and, though I lost in the game, I didn't lose one red cent. Plus I was out early enough to feel like my day was not wasted in a futile attempt to make little dough. It could have taken 5 hours and if I came in 221st I would get $0 for the effort. Basically you had to make it in the top 50 to really start to see some cashola. So instead of spending all afternoon/night on the computer, I watched a movie with my son and enjoyed the night lounging on the couch. Now that's my kind of Saturday. All in all, I'm disappointed in how the tournament went, but I'm happy with how the day went. Made a little cash in the morning, played a little poker, then spent some quality time with the fam. That's good for business...

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