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When Templates Attack or The Good & Bad Of Change

If you take a quick gander at the previous post you'll see I was all giddy about changing my blog template. I loved the basic concept of my original blog template, but felt I was missing out on all the bells and whistles (no link for comments on posts, no link for current months posts, no email post option, etc...). So, earlier this week I made the move from the "smoking hot body" template to this. I assumed I was the only person reading my blog since I had only been blogging for 3 months and had yet to officially make my presence known to the poker blogging community. A pretty naive view considering this is the internet, eh?! But at the time I figured I could put a friggin Hello Kitty template up and no one would give a rats ars but me. Trust me, I'm all about having others read this here blog, but I figured I should get some posts under my belt before making introductions. So imagine my surprise when, not long after making the template change, I had my first comment. As I clicked the link I had a strange sense my trek into the poker blogging community would begin. My sense was confirmed when the message was from none other than the blogfather himself, Ignatious. Iggy's comments were something to the tune of new template bad, old template good. Turns out Iggy had found my site and graciously linked me on his blog. I huge thanks to him for taking the time to read my blog, leave a comment, and link me on his site. Over the next couple of days I received a few emails from other readers stating that the old template was better.

If you've made it this far then you obviously see the people have spoken and, dear readers, I have listened. The "smoking hot body" template is back with a few minor changes to better utilize the space available. Who knew guys that like poker also have a place in their heart for pics of hot chicks. Over the next few weeks/months I still plan to make some additions like comments and current posts links that I noted above. I'll do my best to add some good content as well as keep the blog crisp and clean. I must note some good has come from all this...I went from thinking I had 1 reader (myself) to finding out that I'm slowly making my way into the community. Participating in an upcoming WPBT will be the next step. I also learned a bit more HTML which is definitely a weak spot for me...plenty of room for improvement. The bad was I spent a good amount of time and brain power making a change that, alas, was for not. Wouldn't change the experience though.

Next up, how about some friggin poker content?! I'm about halfway through my next pimpage so I should have that out by tomorrow. Plus I've started another post about my experiences dealing games while not being able to play. Geez, I'm feeling like Mean Gene who often comments on having numerous uber posts in draft awaiting completion. In the mean time, I might should go do some work.

Since I have no comments fields available please email me if you have a comment. Thanks!

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