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Playing Stud Poker Does Not Make You A Stud

First of all...I'm an idiot...again.

The recent WPBT was my first experience with Pokerstars so I'm slowly but surely learning to navigate their system. As I mentioned in a previous post, after getting knocked out around 40th in the WPBT, I had not gotten my poker fix, so I started searching the tables and found the Heads Up section. Played a guy and ended up winning some cash. Last night I decided I would give that another try before I went to bed. It was around 11:00pm already so I figured I could finish a NL heads up match relatively quickly. Much like Party, I was easily frustrated when every time I tried to register for a table, someone would get there quicker. It's my own fault for having a dinosaur for a computer and a 56k modem, but damn I would like for them to figure something out to make it better. Anyway, I finally caught a break and hit a $10 NL Hold'em table. Uuuuuhhhh...scratch that...why am I all of a sudden getting 2 cards down and 1 card up? Like a dumbass, I thought I was clicking on the NL Hold'em game and clicked on a Limit Stud Hi/Lo game.

Immediately I went into recovery mode...can I leave the table....nope. Can I find a Pokerstars rep for help...nope. So instead, I jokingly entered into the chat box, "I'm an idiot, clicked on the wrong game. I've never played this game so go easy on me." Never heard a peep from the other guy. In hind sight, I'm sure he thought I was just BSing him by saying that. However, my showing confirmed my idiocy, so I hope he didn't walk away from that table thinking he was some high and mighty player. I on the other hand played like a bottom dwelling fishhead. I called so many freaking hands with ass cards, I deserved what I got. In the back of my head, I was justifying my bad play because it was not my strongest form of poker. But honestly, through home games and such I've probably played almost every brand of poker. So I knew what I was doing after about the first 3 minutes. My brain, however, decided it was time to look like a gorilla was playing in my spot. My wife came in to check on how I was doing, and when I said I had clicked on a stud game by accident, she gave me a pretty weird look. She knows as much about poker as I know about I can imagine when her husband told her he was playing a stud game, she was a bit confused. In that moment, I certainly did not feel like a stud...

In the end, the action was so slow it felt like a doctor was sticking me with a needle, but taking 1 hour to take it back out. If you are looking for a quick game to play before you hit the sack...limit Stud Hi/Lo is not the place to be. I love Omaha Hi/Lo, but I always prepare myself before I go into a tournament cause I know it could be a while. So in the end it was $10 down the pipe, but I'm still at the level I was at after the WPBT so it's all good. Plus I now have added another aspect of poker playing to my game in case I want to play it again. For now I think I'll grind a few games out this weekend...maybe even hit some ring games instead of tourneys. And as always, there's a good chance there'll be a live game somewhere...

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