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WPBT --> Elation --> Frustration

If you read my previous post you know I was having trouble getting set up with Pokerstars. I was finally able to work it all out with a buddy of mine by getting him to transfer me money from his stars account...I then gave him the cash. The game started on time and...yeeesh...things happened so fast. I won the first pot, skipped the second hand, and then ended up all in vs. Predator from Poker Quest on the 3rd hand. I called his raise with K J and had a good flop with K J hitting the felt. Little did I know he had hit his straight. I hit another J on the turn to fill me up and seconds later I had doubled up at his expense. I felt real bad about how quickly he went out, but I had to move on...being a Party player I was lost in trying to figure out the Stars system and everything was happening so fast. Luckily, I was now the cheap leader and had some wiggle room to take it easy a bit. A quick moment to write about Poker Quest...

I had seen the Poker Quest site briefly before, but have not had a chance to read it as I've been caught up in trying to read backlogs of other poker blogs. I checked it out today and it looks like he has some good stuff going on over there. I'm gonna have to read some of his stuff and then link him. Hopefully he'll link me up as well. Either way, he's got a new reader.

So, with the elation out of the way, I settled in to a slower pace and remained cheap leader for most of the first 30 minutes. Then came the beginning of the frustration portion of this post. No longer having RoadRunner high speed online, I recently purchased a V92 modem that allows phone calls to come can choose whether to take the call or not. I forgot about this service when I started the tournament and around 9:30 received a phone call from a friend. Unfortunately, when you are making your decision whether to answer or not, it temporarily disconnects you and then reconnects you. I had just gotten A Q clubs when I got disconnected and then it would not reconnect to the PokerStars network. For the next 25 minutes I worked to get logged back into the system and my table to no avail. Finally, after what felt like days, I was able to get back on. In that time, though my chip stack had only gone down a little from the blinds, I had relinquished the cheap lead and was down to around 15th. At that point I tried to reason with myself that it may have saved me some chips and bought me some precious time. I still felt like an idiot not having turned the modem on hold option off. Alas, I moved on.

Right off the bat I had trips go down against a fullhouse. Later on, and for the second time, I had a J on the turn help me out. I was all in with J J vs. Q Q and that J saved me. The strangest occurrence of the night for me was when someone had just lost with a strong hand and I commented in the chat box something to the tune of, "man strong hands like Q Q have been losing all night." Immediately after hitting the enter button to send that message I got Q Q. So what did I do...being well below the average chip stack, and with one raiser, I went all-in. It ends up being 3 of us in the hand....K K...Q Q...9 9. Kings held up and I thought I was out, but the other 2 actually had less chips than me so I still had about 1500 left. Nothing else of interest really happened for me and I ended up getting knocked out around 40th place with K Q spades against A 8 spades when nothing came to help me. Not having gotten my poker fill for the night - and posssibly day dreaming of the final table - I decided to try out the heads-up tables. I beat a guy for $10 so I at least got half my buy-in back.

Over all it was a good time. I'm so glad to have met some of the fellow poker bloggers and I'm glad I got to experience my first WPBT. I'll be back for more for sure. Now it's time to focus on my SNG game. Also, I'm due to pimp Poker's been in my Draft box for a while. I just haven't had time to put the final touches on it. Congrats to whoever won and I'll see you all at the next one.

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