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Put Your Money Where Your Money Is

Put Your Money Where Your Money Is

That, my friends, was a response from a Yankees fan after a BoSox fan was giving him a hard time last night at the 2/5 NL tables. They were punching and jabbing all night about their respective teams and clearly the Yanks fan got fed up and yelled the above line out of frustration. He obviously meant to say mouth, but was getting so angry his mind was elsewhere. It was met with a hearty laugh from all 14 folks, then it was back to the felt. I can't laugh too hard at the guy cause I've dropped some pretty bad ones in my day. As an example, just a few weeks ago I asked my buddy, "which one's which, the chicken or the egg?" I'm pretty sure I'd had a few beers (we were headed for the bar), but still, how stupid is that?! Some day I'll have to write down all the funny stuff my wife and I have unintentionally said.

At the 2/5 table last night I made some good cash and didn't win one hand. That's cause I dealt the whole night. I owed the host 3 hours of work for free and once my 3 hours was up he had enough folks for 2 tables and needed me to stay longer. It worked out well for me cause I need the money. I'm trying to fund our family vacation with poker money, whether playing or dealing. Good to show something good for the family can come from my hobby.

Makes me many hobbies out there can actually make you money?! Almost all end up costing you money, no matter what your hobby is. Even the casual hobby, like MeanGene playing volleyball, ends up costing money...what with the potential club/league fees and - lest we forget - the food and beer afterwards. I use Gene's hobby just as a simple example and I certainly don't consider it a bad thing (I'm not very good at volleyball, but if it is a sport I'll play it). We all have our own hobbies because that's what makes us happy. I'm just throwing out the thought that poker can be that rare hobby where - yes you can lose money - but you can also win lots of money. At some point, for some folks, the line between hobby and job begins to blur. Again, not a bad thing if you enjoy it and you're good at it!

O.K. that was a random tangent, and this will not be a long post, so I gotta tighy up and be done with it. I played a $2500 guarantee at Noble tonight. Had the following 3 things happen in succession - this after making it to the final 60 of 120 with top 20 getting paid.

Just like that I was out. It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed. Das poker. I would normally call it quits after something like that, but I decided to hit the 6 max NL ring games. I've been running well there lately. Within 30 minutes I doubled my buy-in and got back all the money I had lost in the tournament, plus a chunk of change. I then decided to call it a night feeling much better, and less vexed.

That's it for me. I took the day off today and spent it next to the pool with the fam. It was nice, but now I'm tired and morning looms. Some of the guys that play at the 2/5 game started up a blog and I told one of the guys I would pimp his blog. Not many other Greensboro poker bloggers out there, so I gotta give a shout out to the GSO Crew. There's something like 6 contributors so I expect there will be posts early and often.

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