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Hysteria To Euphoria

Hysteria To Euphoria

Sorry Speaker for stealing your idea of posts titled with band albums, but these two from Def Leppard just fit too well this week. Monday thru Thursday was my little Hysteria. Friday was my Euphoria. Why?

The audit at work is over. If you read my previous post you know this week has been rough. I work in the financial services industry - basically the most regulated industry in the universe - and my main job is to make sure our branch office is compliant year round and passes the yearly audit.

Bottomline is we did great and I shouldn't have stressed nearly as much as I did. I can't help it though since the ramifications of a failed audit are so extreme. A passing audit means people stay off your case, they listen to what you have to say, and the bonus is so much better. A failing audit brings pressure for the rest of the year, people not trusting you with their work, endless "training sessions" and a small bonus if I'm lucky. So you can imagine my relief with Friday coming and going with a good report. We won't know the final grade for a few months, but we did just as well as last year which was a passing grade. Sweet Valley High I needed that good news.

As for poker - after not playing for over a week - I gave myself a little post audit treat and played some tonight. I caught a $20 buy-in $1000 guarantee at Noble with what looked to be a small amount of overlay, but by the time I was registered we had 51 playing. I've built a nice bankroll their so I like to play some of the MTT's on occasion to try for some bigger payouts. As for this one, I lost half my stack early on when my set was smacked on the river with a guy cleaning up by filling his straight. I then went out 38th when I had TripJax (one in the hole and two on the board), but a guy rivered an 8 with 8's in the hole to take down a fullhouse. It was not to be my night at the tourney table.

Not ready to call it a night I decided to try out the NL ring games, but the server went down and I couldn't get back on. That's the first time that has happened to me at Noble so I'm not gonna make a big deal of it. I decided to hit the $25 NL tables at Party. I've been playing the Mini Steps their, but have been tired of treading water the last month in those games. What I needed was some cash games. I hit a 6max table and cleaned up doubling my buy-in pretty quickly. I never got even close to all-in and was able to just buy most of the pots. I took down almost every hand where I had nothing or bottom pair, but whenever I had a hand I ended up losing it. Thank goodness for buying pots. I left the tables up so I could write up this post and then hit the sack.

Oh, Happy Birthday to my wife who just turned 31 about 20 minutes ago (June 18th). With her B-Day, Father's Day, and a buddies B-Day on Monday it's gonna be a busy weekend so I may not hit the tables for a few more days. Gonna party something fierce tomorrow night and probably end up looking something like the picture you see in the previous post...sans dress shirt and tie.

I must give a sorry for the lack of posts lately, but with this audit taking up all my time it was really tough to even think about touching the computer at home, much less hitting the felt. I would like to say thanks to the lady and gentlemen who left a comment about my new blog template. One blogger misses the sweet piece of azz that had been up there (and I understand), but if he looks closely at the new template, there's a new fem up in the left hand corner on the poker table. Not every day you get a chance to take down a pot with that in it eh?!

Glad to have everybody back from Vegas safe, sound, and writing again. Though I don't have too many readers, I felt like crickets were chirping whenever I hit the Publish Post button.

Next up for me is a review of Hellmuth's Bad Beats & Lucky Draws. I know you're waiting by your computer every waking moment to see that one huh...

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