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When Beers Attack

When Beers Attack

Yes that is me. No that is not Vegas. That's a bar near my house after work this past Friday with some of my fellow employees. That is also the look of a man who had 5 heavy beers in a little over an hour. I was actually trying to give my one eyebrow up, one eyebrow down confused look, but it just turned into a me looking like a dumbass look. Nothing like 5 pints right after work to have me passing out on the couch by 10pm. So much for sneaking in a few SNG's before bedtime.

Saturday turned out to be another good ole time as we ended up at a bar catching one of our buddies who plays in a band. Good times were had by all and by the end of it all I was spent. The Jager-O-Meter broke the 5 shot barrier and that pretty much did me in. Many a picture phone pic was taken, but I've yet to see any incriminating pics. Day ain't over yet though.

As you may now see, I've updated my template (see the previous post for details). I still have some kinks to work out, but I'm getting to it slowly but surely. On the priority list is fixing the links at the top of the page, of which only a few work.

As for poker, something happened to me last night that I've almost always been able to avoid. I was deep into a heads-up match on Stars when the guy I was playing against writes, "Have you ever won money?" For some reason this really pissed me off cause he had already sucked out on me twice just to stay in the match when I had him against the ropes (AK vs. A3 then KQ vs. QJ both times he hit his weaker card).

Instead of just letting it go, I started grilling him with my own comments. Next thing you know I've called off half my stack with 2nd pair and was down to the felt with only about 100 out of 3000 total chips. Not long after I was out of the match and just staring at my keyboard wishing I could just take it all back. I had let this guy get into my head and the result was me handing him my money on a silver platter. I want to search his punk ass out and play him again, but I don't think that would solve anything for me. It might make matters worse. Instead I'm just going to let it go and use it as a lesson. He accomplished exactly what he wanted to - put me on tilt then not say another word - and I let him do it. Just writing this down makes me feel much better about it so I think I'm better for it. I just can't let players get into my head and change the way I play.

That's it for now. Again, if I had you linked on my old template and now you aren't, just let me know so I can set you up.

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