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Awesomely Bad Poker

Awesomely Bad Poker

I've been playing poker and watching Awesomely Bad Love Songs on VH1. I haven't played Bad, but I sucked out about 3 times on players. One guy I sucked out on twice in a row, with the last one ending his game. I ended up overplaying my last two hands and - when I went all in on the flop on my last hand - had the guy write it was over before he hit the call button. He had flopped the nut straight on the rainbow flop and - although I had bottom pair - I was toast when no more help came. Still, I picked up more money towards the SNG Challenge (see the SNG link above) with my 2nd place finish and I'm glad to be getting some poker play under my belt.

For my last post, I was finalizing the words just minutes before heading off to make a flight for a managers meeting in Virginia. My expectation was to play some poker at night once the festivities were ending, but the resort didn't have the same plan. On top of the $330 charged per night, they were lame enough to charge $10 a night if you wanted to connect to their dial up. Lame. They should just pony up for WiFi, add a buck to the room fee and look quite shining by offering the service as "free." Instead they look like money grubbing bastardos. So, not only did I miss out on some extra poker play, I couldn't click on Pauly to keep up with the latest action of the 2005 WSoP. I was able to catch up last night when I got home, and was pretty surprised to see who was at the final table. Only a couple names I recognized. Still it sounds like once the editing is done and it is TV ready, it should be a blast to watch.

I'll be updating my numbers on the SNG link above so check them out soon. I didn't have time to do it before I went on the meeting and I want to get a few more games done today before I make the update. It's good to be home and hitting the felt. Also, I just picked up Moneymaker's book from the library so I'll be reading it this weekend as well. Until next time, may the felt be with you.

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