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Damn These Guys Are Good

Damn These Guys Are Good

Well the SNG Challenge is proving to be tough, but extremely fun. I've gotta say - though I haven't seen a ton of play from the other challengers - what I have seen has been impressive. GCox25 is tearing it up and Jordan has been working it too. I need to put a little more time into sweating DNasty, Kipper, and SteelerJosh. I gotta say, I think my game is better when I've got people watching and just having people around to relate to. It has been really great chatting with these guys. Best line so far (translated loosely)...

HighOnPokr: I'm blind.
HighOnPokr: I'm using a braill keyboard
Opponent: lol
HighOnPokr: lol is lumpy

I think I about shit my pants when I was reading that discussion. So good.

A few quick highlights from yesterday...

I've been working on clearing the UB bonus in the morning and yesterday I hit a straight flush on the flop against a guy and was bummed to only get a small pay off from him. Unfortunately he didn't catch anything so he didn't pump the pot. It was nice to hit the straight flush though. I think it is maybe my 3rd time in my real money history.

In one of my 3 SNG's last night, I had 9 10 in the big blind and hit trip 10s when the flop came 3 10 10. A guy pushed it all in ahead of me and I made the easy call. He had 3 J and proceeded to catch runner runner J J to take Jacks Full against my 10's full. He couldn't get enough of his incredible luck, but I took him out a few minuets later and finished 2nd.

Here are my current numbers as of 07/13/05...see the SNG link above for more detailed numbers.

Start: $55
Current: $84

I'm flying out this morning for a managers meeting at a sweet resort in Virginia. I should be able to play tonight, but if you see me 2 or 3 tabling the ultra low limit cash games, I probably won't be able to chat much. I really want to clear this bonus and that is the best way for me to do it with the least risk. However, if I'm at a SNG table I'll be ready to chat and I'll be searching my fellow challengers out to sweat via the e-rail.

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