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People Should Know When They're Conquered

People Should Know When They're Conquered

I watched Gladiator last weekend and was reminded of the above quote. I resolved to use it the first chance I could after killing it on the felt. Tonight was that night. Six Heads-Up matches played - six wins. Three were $5 and the other three were $10. That's a good thing. I decided to call it a night early and walk away with a smile on my face and extra padding in the pocket.

Eeyor In Arrears, Takes It Up Arrears
Tonight was the type of night where the hero (that's me folks) is all in with top two pair and gets called down with two lower pair. Or, on another match, you would have thought Eeyor was on the other end of the computer with as many folds as I saw. I raised so much he finally got fed up and called me down to the river for most of his chips with middle pair when I had a King high made flush on the flop. Thanks Eeyor.

This post is gonna be short, but I've got some other things to do. Next up for me is finding a new poker book to read...I'm thinking it's gonna have to be Harrington On Hold'em since I've heard so much good stuff about it...although $30 bucks is a hefty price to pay for a book. Anybody wanna sell me their first version since part 2 is out now?

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