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Better To Be On A Rush Than In One

Better To Be On A Rush Than In One...

Was my response to a guy who wrote, "I'm in a rush", after losing half his stack to me while playing Q 4 offsuit in a hand he had no business being in. He followed that comment up with "I gotta go soon." I just don't get why people try to justify horrible play by saying they are in a hurry. Why would you pay good money to play a game that you know you will ultimately lose. We had only been playing for about 5 minutes when this hand occurred so he was basically flushing his buy-in down the drain. Even if he did well and doubled up a few times, the averagle SNG is still between 30 - 50 minutes so he should have never registered. I won the SNG so thanks for the extra chips you e-tard. Note: e-tard is an excellent word my buddies recently created for those folks in the world who are computer illiterate and perplex us all each and every day. In their business, they deal with e-tards every day and though it might not exactly fit with my situation, I just had to use it cause I love the word. E-tard (Copyright Alx & MTW 2005).

It Vexes Me...I'm Terribly Vexed

Geez, two Gladiator quotes in one week. I gotta watch a new movie. I'm vexed cause I had a post vanish today. I had a post titled Liquor In Arrears that I wrote and posted on July 3, 2005. It was around for the last couple of days and then today, when I did the post about the Goofball winning a WSoP seat, it disappeared. All I did was add a new post so I'm not sure what that's all about. If you read my Liquor In Arrears post let me know so I can be sure I'm not imagining things. I did drink a good bit of the sauce the night before so I could have been imagining things, but I swear it was their and had a hottie in a sweet Independencd Day "outfit."

Harrington On Hold'Me

Last night, while searching online for good deals on Harrington's new book, Google gave me something to laugh at. When I typed in Harrington On Hold'em it noted Did You Mean: Harrington On Hold'Me?. See below for a screenshot and click on it for a larger picture.

Now this might not be too funny for most - though the thought of Action Dan holding me is quite odd - it made me think of a quote that comes up quite often around our house. You see back when my son was just learning how to talk, he became very sick for quite a while and could not hold any food down. It got so bad we had to move him out of his room and into the living room on a cot with a trash can by his side at all times. At one point in the night - while sleeping next to him - he went into one of his worst consvulsive moments as he yacked all over the floor and himself. After it was over it was clear he truly didn't understand what was going on. Though he was close to tears (as was I at the moment), rather than cry he held out his arms towards me and said, "Clean Me, Daddy." He said it in such a way that was so sincere, yet so funny I ended up busting out in a half laugh/half cry as I grabbed a hold of him. When I told my friends the story, it took on a life of its own...whenever there is an awkward or potentialy bad situation, the first words spoken are "Clean Me, Daddy." What's that got to do with Harrington On Hold'Me? I don't know or care, but I had to tell the "Clean Me Daddy" story.

Did You Mean: Paris Hilton IS A Ho?

When I happened upon the Google Harrington On Hold'Me search noted above, my buddy MTW was at the house and we both got a good laugh out of it. Thankfully, he took it to a new level and I received the following comment and picture in an email from him this morning...
More of Google thinking for you, this time right on target. This might be a new Genre to explore...

OK that's it for me. Two posts in one day is not normal for me so I better stop while I'm ahead. I'm still playing to pay for the beach trip and so far things are going well. I've already cashed out a portion of my Noble bankroll and already built it back up to my pre-cashout level. That is a damn good feeling.

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