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Poker Sites Take Notice - Part 1 - Heads-Up Step-Ups

Poker Sites Take Notice - Part 1 - Heads-Up Step-Ups


After reviewing my idea and with some further comments from readers, I would agree that it would not be a good idea to offer $0 rake on the first Heads-Up Game. I would suggest all the info below stay the same except to add the rake on the first game. I still believe this is a viable idea for Poker Sites, so take notice!

**End Addendum**

This post begins my foray into telling the poker sites out there what kind of game concepts I, and possibly others, would like to see added to their sites. I am hoping I can get some responses from my fellow readers for input into ways to improve on my ideas and even new and improved concepts as well. I also gladly accept kudos for a job well done or criticism for a job just sort of done. No matter what, I want to hear from you. In the long run I would love to see one of my ideas make it on a site.

None of this stuff requires being a rocket surgeon to create, just a little time, effort and a calculator if you suck at numbers. I decided to do this last night when I could not sleep and had ideas ringing in my head at 2 am. I needed something to fill the empty space (not in my head, on this site) on my sidebar to the left that currently houses the now defunct PokerStars OPBC ad. I figure this will do the trick. Each time I add a new entry I will add a link to the post on my sidebar for easy access.

As I create these concepts (or improve on existing games*) I will try to keep two frames of mind in play. First, I want it to be something that will appeal to the player. Without customers you will have no business. Second, I will not forget that there must be something in it for the poker site, lest it be banished to good idea, but not gonna happen land. With all this in mind, class, lets begin.

Heads-Up Step-Up Tournaments

The concept is to offer a Heads Up Tournament with first come first serve seating much like a MTT SNG. Offer 32 available seats and begin the tournament by randomly seating 32 players on 16 tables with 2 persons per table. For this example assume a $10 Buy In. Players who lose their first round match drop out losing their Buy-In and players who win their match win an immediate small cash payout as well as a free roll into Round 2. Winners of the Round 2 matches will receive a larger cash payout and a free roll into Round 3. As players win their match they can be matched up accordingly to speed up the tourney. Continue through the Rounds accordingly until you reach Round 5 where you are Heads Up for the Grand Prize of $101 (their total winnings from Rounds 1 through 5). The loser will receive $41 (their total winnings from Rounds 1 through 4). Any player who wins their first 2 Heads Up matches will have paid off their entry fee and will be truly free rolling the rest of the way. All for the low, low risk of $10, and not a dime more. Let me show you the grid I created and then we can take a look at some of my thoughts (pros and cons) about the game to see if this really is plausible.





If Win







Freeroll Rd 2






Freeroll Rd 3






Freeroll Rd 4






Freeroll Rd 5








For starters, there is NO RAKE on the initial $10 Buy In. This makes the player happy and in the end will potentially drive players to take a look at these type tournaments. As far as the player is concerned, the absolute most they can lose by entering one of these tournaments is the Buy In of $10 with NO RAKE coming out of their bankroll. This is thinking like a player. But there is still something in it for the poker site.

The poker site will receive a guaranteed 10% rake on the larger Buy In tournaments that the players are free rolled into. They are guaranteed this rake because once the tournament begins the players will play out the games until there is one person remaining. For this example the poker site will receive a total of $56 in rake for offering 31 Heads Up games.

For the average player who may never actually get a chance to play tournaments higher than their bankroll would normally allow, these tournaments give them a chance to make money each round and free roll into larger Buy In matches with an eye on the prize only 5 Steps away. This also gives the poker site a chance to make rake on higher Buy In tournaments off of players who might otherwise never play that size Buy In. Without ever actually taking a dime of rake out of their bankroll.

Unlike SNGs which can be difficult to get on a streak of 1st place wins, Heads Up matches allow you to only have to play 1 opponent every Round for a maximum of 5 rounds. And there is a payout each round. Plus, if you were to win 5 Heads Up traditional matches in a row you would have a max gain of $45. With the Step Up format you have a max gain of $91 or a $31 max gain even if you lose your Round 5 match.


You must win 2 matches in a row before you will make money on these tournaments. If you win the Round 1 match you will earn $3.50 so if you lose Round 2 you will take a $6.50 loss. But if you win Round 2 you will win $8.00 plus the $3.50 already earned for a net $1.50 (plus the free roll, lest ye forget). From then on your free rolling for real baby!

Help me out with other cons pleaseā€¦

I have more I want to write about, but I must end this post now, so I will just have to edit after the fact. I would actually rather get some feedback before I go further anyway, so let me know what you think ladies and gents. So ends Part 1 of Poker Sites Take Notice!

*Some of these ideas play off of ideas other sites already use and or incorporate in their arsenal. For instance, this particular idea, while new, is an adaptation of the Party Poker steps tourneys they have. Though many people give Party Poker a hard time, I do think it is great they are finding new and interesting ways to offer their clients games that can benefit both parties. Not all my ideas will stem from existing concepts however. I also like that PokerStars offers Shootouts and will have future adaptations of Shootouts as part of this series...

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