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It seems there just isn't anything remotely interesting going on in TripJaxville as far as poker goes. At work I am being absolutely bombarded with, erm, work. We just hired a Financial Advisor from a top competitor so that is keeping me busy, not to mention my typical work routine that has a tendency to get in the way when "more important" stuff crops up. I know, however, you are not here to read about my work, so I'll move on. Let's just leave it at posting at work has been pretty much impossible lately.

At home things are pretty much the same. By the time I get home I'm whooped and there is always something else to do. Lately I've had absolutely no desire (nor time) to put any legitimate blogging time in at home. My sole free/down time goes towards banging away at the virtual felt. As of late I've been pretty much break even, except for my continued success at the token SNG's on Full Tilt. I've yet to play an MTT, but those tokens are burning a hole in my account at Full Tilt so I've got to use them soon.

All the above pretty much makes for a bad blogger. For the past year I've tried to post every week day, but that is going to be pretty tough here for a few weeks. I'll do my best to post every day, but at least you will know why if you don't see me update daily.

I did a little experiment on Saturday night that end up being rather amusing. It was pretty late, but I was not tired so I decided to play some SNG's with a few up front requirements in regards to my play. First, I would not enter a pot by calling. If I was going to play, it would be for a raise, no matter what. Second, I was going to do my best not to do any calling post flop as well. Third, I was going to raise much more than the typical raise amount preflop and bet strong post flop to force the players to play my game.

With the blinds at 10/20, I wasn't raising to 50 or 60 or even 75, I was raising to a minimum of 150, but usually more. And as the blinds increased, my bets increased. Playing this style afforded me the chance to really keep players off balance. When I hit the board hard with a crap hand early, I was able to show down my craptastic winner. This caused a few more players to play back at me, but I was still able to control the pace with my betting. When I hit I bet. When I missed I bet. When I had monsters I bet. Bet Bet Bet. I bet the players into the ground. And interestingly, this made it really easy to tell when I was beat. If I was played back at after putting a big raise out there - and with my big stack - I knew where I stood. They on the other hand, could never figure me out.

I won both SNG's.

I'm not saying this is the way to play all the time, or even a profitable avenue, but it was sure neat to control the action and make such huge bets. I am already pretty aggressive at the tables and tend to help determine the pace of the game, but playing this extremely aggressive strong betting style was a rather fun time.

Follow-Up Thoughts From My Previous Post:

Yeah, that post sucked to. I need to get my head out of my ass.

In the bum news department, we have another Okie-Vegas casualty. After Kip, DNasty and Jordan dropped, I was sure we would maintain the rest of the crew, but oh well. That really sucks as I was looking forward to meeting Surf and his buddy. I'm only giving you a hard time Surf cause I really was stoked about you guys being there. That and I'm trying to guilt you back into the mix. Color me bummed. SteelerJosh, don't you dare drop!

For everyone else, if you are on the fence about coming to OV, jump on the fun side and get your bootay there. We'll be Casino poking, home game poking, lake tripping, bbqing, and much more. Good times, people, good times.

Big Ups To These Fine Folks Who Left A Comment In the Last Post:


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At 12:35 PM, Blogger Pokerwolf said...

I hear you on the "whooped when you get home" front. Ugh. I was hoping to deposit some money into Stars tonight, but I don't know if I'll pull the trigger.

Is there any chance you could come to the Bash at the Boathouse? Go talk to AlCantHang for details.


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