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Blog Spotlight: Flights of Iakaris

Blog Spotlight: Flights of Iakaris

It's been a while since I dropped a Blog Spotlight on thine asses, so I decided to remedy that shit right here and now. I had planned to do this a few weeks ago, but I've been waffling back and forth on which blog to highlight. After looking through my blogroll about fiddy nine times, I finally honed in on a relatively new member of the poker blog brethren...Iakaris.

Iak (think Ike) is like no other blogger I've read before. He's got a style his own and seems to let it out in each post. He's only been at it for 3 months, but I have high hopes that quality posts will keep-a-comin' (how's that for pressure). Something about Iak makes me think I'd get along with him like I've known him for years. Actually, I get that feeling quite often with the great group of people that comprise this little corner of the internet known as the poker blogging community.

As I normally do, I was going to take a screen shot of his blog for this post, but instead I decided to take it one step further. Since his blog does not have a banner, I quickly put together one he might want to use at least for a little while. This is 100% unsolicited and he might not like it, which is cool, but I just figured I would give it a try. It's quite plain, nothing flashy, but it gets the job done me thinks. Iak, if you like it, let me know, but if you don't it is no sweat off my sack. For serious.

If you haven't read Iak, go check him out. I recommend this post for starters as it really showcases his whacktastic writing style. So there you have it, short and sweet, ready to eat. I hope you enjoy.

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