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When I was but a young lad, I took a liking to little league baseball. There was always something about having family and friends in the stands that made me feel better about my game. I recall one particular important game where my Dad was going to be out of town on business, thus unable to see me play. With the start of the game only minutes away, what had been a beautiful day quickly turned sour as the bottom fell out of the sky and it rained buckets. As we all rushed under the snack stand for shelter, I noticed a familiar car pulling into the parking lot. It was my Dad. He had driven a long way to see me play.

Something clicked right then and I just broke down and cried. At the time it probably looked like I was crying because the game would be cancelled, but I was crying because I felt like I had let my Dad down. I'm old enough now to know I was not letting him down, but to this day I still think about that moment and how it has helped shape the Father I am today. He was just doing what Dads do and he may not know it, but that meant the world to me.

A few years ago my Dad went to the doctor due to a severe pain behind his ear causing some pretty harsh headaches. The doctor could have easily prescribed some meds and sent him on his way, but instead he sent him to a specialist to check things out. It turns out he had a very serious tumor that required immediate brain surgery.

The day of the surgery I could not stay still. After hours of fidgeting in my seat and pacing the floor, I was told I should go to the hospital cafeteria and settle my nerves with something to eat or drink. I didn't want to, but I knew it might help and, at the very least, keep my mind busy on something else. After about 30 minutes at the cafeteria I made my wake back up the hospital elevator to the waiting room.

As the doors to the elevator opened I saw my entire family huddled in the middle of the hallway, every single one of them crying. Time seemed to go into slow motion in that moment as my eyes started to swell. For the first time in my life I was crying not knowing if they were tears of joy or sorrow. As I made my way towards my family, my sister broke free to hug me and let me know that he was going to be fine. Though the tumor was larger than a golf ball, it was thankfully benign and was successfully removed. It was one of the greatest things I had ever heard in my life and the tears of joy just kept flowing for quite some time.

I have so many memories of the times I've had with my father. At times, in the past, I know I've put him through anguish. Looking back, through the good times and bad, he has always been there for me. He has always done what Dads are supposed to do, and he may not know it, but that has always meant the world to me.

His example has helped mold the man I am today and given me the groundwork to be the Father I continually strive to be. This coming Sunday my wife and kids will celebrate Father's Day with me, which I am truly grateful for, but I know none of that would be possible without my Dad.

Happy Fathers Day Pops.

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