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Okie-Vegas: Thursday At The Lake

Okie-Vegas: Thursday At The Lake

After being relatively light booze hounds on Wednesday, I knew Thursday at the lake would bring with it many more opportunities to drop cans. What I didn't expect would be many chances to play poker. I was wrong. More on that later.

Poker Poker Everywhere, But Not A Chip To Sling

Before we made the 1 hour trek to the lake, we decided to fill up at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had never been there and was pretty excited when G mentioned we should go there. My meal was hella good, but more importantly the tea was giving me my legs back. Something about iced tea cures what ails ya...especially when it is alcamahol related. I think I drank 5 huge glasses of the stuff.

Something I started to notice at BWW's was there is plenty of poker on TV in Okie. On Wednesday at the Half Time Bar there were 2 or 3 different poker shows playing. At BWW's there was a virtual poker game available on their trivia system that some people at the bar were playing. I'm sure if we were not in a hurry to get to the lake we would have hit up the poker game at BWW's as well. As it were, we had bigger fish to fry. Lots of poker going on in Okie for sure.

Sport Touring

After the quick jaunt to the lake we did some cruising around the houses. Some were rather run down, but many others were really cool. One dude had his own airplane - you know the kind that is a one seater and has a huge ass fan on the back. No fucking way I ride on that bad boy. As for G's lake house, it fit right in with the cool houses with plenty of room in the house, a great front lawn, and a couple of storage rooms. One of the rooms held my crotch rocket for the day - the jet ski I would end up riding for a couple of hours.

After some boozin' for a while, G prepped the Sport Tourer jet skis and Josh and I took them out on the lake. Josh mentioned the motor on the jet skis were similar to the one on his bike. Hitting the lake that day is one of my top memories of the trip. That was so friggin' awesome. At one point I had gone my own way for a while and was headed back to our dock area and noticed Josh standing on the water in the middle of the lake. As I neared closer I was wondering if he had learned how to walk on water, but then I could see the red sand that was very close to the top of the water. He had hit a sand bar. Luckily he was slowing down when he saw the color of the water change so he didn't damage himself or the jet ski. He did, however, get that bad boy stuck and had to use some brute force to get it unstuck. Nice. We both topped off at about 60mph so we were flying all over that lake. Damnit that was a good time.

Truck In

After we finished jet skiing we made our way lakeside and started boozin' around Timmy's truck. Timmy is a lake local and the resident handy man for much of the community. Earlier that day he fixed G's lawnmower for $20. By the end of the night that $20 would be in my pocket. More on that later. Hangin' around Timmy's truck was another great memory as we just shot the shit for a while, drank some beers and started taking shots of SoCo. It was still pretty early so I knew it was going to be a wicked night if we were starting the SoCo that early.

Let The Games Begin

After we left the lake we made our way back to the house to settle things before heading to the local bar. At the moment I can't think of the name of the bar, but it was quite a little dive bar. It was an excellent hang out for the locals and visitors and everyone met us with a warm welcome. Quite a few characters in the joint. They did not serve liquor in the joint so frequent trips to the bed of the truck were on tap.

Not long after we had been at the bar, one of the local yocals, Kay Kay, was itching to play some poker. Before I knew it we were playing poker in the bar. At this point I was getting pretty lit so loosey goosey TripJax poker was making its way into my game again. I tend to either flame out early or win the damn thing when I start getting ripped. That was pretty much exactly what I did.

For some reason my game was on in both tournaments. I was calling out G's hands, making pretty good moves, and even sucking out here and there. All recipes for a good tournament. Unfortunately the first game saw me flame out next to last after one of the locals put me near the felt when I was leading in the hand, but he hit his card on the river. I couldn't complain as I had sucked out hard on Josh just a few minutes earlier to put him out 1st.

In the second tournament I was all over the place. Once I got a big stack I pretty much felt unstoppable. I recall going all in with the hammer, but not being called. I also recall going all-in blind, but don't recall if I was called or not. In the end Josh and I chopped the pot in the final game and Timmy was the bubble boy. That's the part where I got his $20 from earlier. Actually, he didn't have any cash on him and he ended up writing a check to the bar and the bar gave Josh and I our cut from him. Doh!

For more info on the local drinking hole and the tourneys, I'll refer you to G's post here.

After getting knocked out of the 1st tourney, Timmy and I made our way out to the truck and polished off about 6 shots worth each of SoCo. We put a dent in that biatch for sure. Things would not be the same from there on out.

Are You Shithead?

When we first got to the bar, I remember seeing a neon sign that had birthdays listed for a bunch of the locals. One of the names was Shithead. I inquired as to the name and found out it was one of the locals who always seemed to win the dart tournaments. Thus, he was Shithead.

By the time I had downed all the SoCo shots, I was asking anyone I didn't already know that walked in the bar if they were Shithead. Not exactly a smart thing to do in a bar where you are not a local, but looking back it was pretty funny (at least to me).

Wanna Bet

Two of the guys that came in the bar late were Ray and Tater. Ray was good for a prop bet at any moment and Tater was quick to tell a funny story. Ray convinced me to bet $10 on a coin flip, let me pick heads or tails, then promptly took my money. He then offered Josh $500 to his $200 on a coin flip. He was tempted, but passed. Ray also tried to get me to bet on about 20 other things that night, but I passed.

At some point, I'm not sure how or when, but we ended up arm wrestling. Tater had guns and took me down easily. Ray suprisingly (to me) took me down, though he refused to go left-handed which is my stronger arm.

All in all it was probably my favorite day of the trip and a day I'll never forget. I know I missed a ton of content, but it is hard to rehash it all. Now I know why so many folks had a hard time with WPBT trip recaps.

Still, thanks for reading.

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