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TripBoy is quite the cool kid. When he walks (make that runs) into a room, he immediately sends a positive vibe throughout. He could convince a three toed sloth to dance like MC Hammer. Erm, whatever that means.

In all seriousness, as much as he has learned from me, I have learned from him. He is my insipartion in so many aspects of my life. Tomorrow Jax graduates from Pre-K. He is my little buddy, but he is growing up fast. I don't think I could be more proud of him right now.

In August he starts elementary school, which is bringing TripWife near tears. I'm happy for him, but I know she can't bear to see him grow up. Like those NationWide commercials, she better not blink cause it's gonna happen fast. Rock on Jaxon.

Speaking of TripWife, she is also quite the cool cat. I'm not sure how, but I hit the jackpot when I met her. She is incredible. Three examples:

1) I head to Okie-Vegas next week for four days of poker, drinking and all out good times. She is all for it and is definitely taking one for the team in handling both kids on her own while I'm gone. Thankfully, we have family and friends to help her out while I'm gone.

2) When PokerStars announced their next freeroll I was pumped, until I saw the date. June 18th is TripWife's birthday. I mentioned how I was just going to have to miss out on the tourney and she immediately told me I should play. She said we should just go out June 17th to party so the 18th should be pretty wide open for a little PokerStars action. How cool is that?!

3) Finally, she's smokin' hot.

Nuff said.

Hate I don't have much pokery stuff to write about currently, but TripLife is filling up my days and nights these days. I have a stack of blog posts I printed today so I could read during some down time tomorrow. So, I'll hopefully get to commenting across the sphere tomorrow. In the meantime, please visit any of the links on my blogroll for mmmm mmmm good content.

I had planned on spitting out a Blogger Spotlight as well as a Poker Sites Take Notice this week, but those will just have to come when my heads in the game. Right now it just isn't. Other than a few tokens at FullTilt, I really don't have much money on any sites as I've cashed out in prep for Okie-Vegas. I can't wait to hit some live casinos next week. G, I'm coming soon!

DADI seemed to go off without a hitch last night. Yours truly donked off just before the first break, but still had a good time railing for a while. I wasn't able to stay the whole time, but I'm happy to hear how things finished up. Hoyazo continued his kick ass MTT play by taking DADI 6 down. I would suggest reading his recap here. I don't know of anyone else who details their own play in a tourney as well as hoy. He really seems to zone in when he is playing. Congrats on a nice win man and congrats to everyone else who made the money or won some VPP points.

Well, that's it for me folks. Thanks for reading! I'll probably be back to write Thursday or Friday.

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