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Blogger Founder Confirms Blogs Are Indeed Gay

Blogger Founder Confirms Blogs Are Indeed Gay

Greensboro, NC - In a move many critics view as "a long time coming", Blogger founder and former CEO, Evan Williams, announced in a press conference today that blogs are in fact gay. Said Williams, "The signs have always been was just time to put the speculation to rest." While Williams sees this as a liberating move for bloggers across the nation, he also knows it may come as a shock to many. "It's not easy finding out your blog about sci-fi movies, playstation games, or whatever is viewed as a totally gay online diary to the rest of the world."

Williams cited an early staff meeting in 1999 as the first indicator that his creation might be totally gay. "When the idea of shortening the name from weblog to blog was mentioned, my gaydar immediately went off," Williams said.

When asked which sect of bloggerdom was emerging as the gayest of all totally gay online diaries, Williams admitted, "There's just something about poker blogs that is altogether gay. They play poker online, chat in the girlie instant message rooms, then write about someone sucking out on them...I mean what's going on there?"

While Williams is no longer affiliated with Blogger, he is quick to note that he also has his own blog up and running. In response to the many inquiries Willaims received during the press conference, Williams said, "I'm straight and all, but my blog is totally gay...not that there is anything wrong with that."

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