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DADI, Cool Bloggers & Hockey Champs

DADI, Cool Bloggers & Hockey Champs

Lets start things off today with a little DADI pimpage. Click on the pic to the left for more detailed info. We decided to get back to the basics with a simple $10 + $1 NLHE tourney this time. I know Drizz will be disappointed with that silly TWO card game, but thems the breaks.

As has been the norm with the last few
DADI events, we've got a few cool prizes to give away. Please click the pic to get all the details and prize info. I do want to highlight one of the prizes in particular. After DADI 6 I got an email from cmitch letting me know he wanted to offer a $215 token to the Sunday Stars tourney.

I don't know about you, but this strikes me as incredibly generous. Mitch said the community has given him a lot throughout the last year -- with great reading and plenty of strategy posts -- and with his recent success he just wanted to give back to the community. I appreciate the fact that Mitch chose a DADI event to offer the token.

When I got the email from
Mitch I immediately thought back to another fine blogger who gave back to the community when there was an immediate need. Lest we forget our mini-Cinci friend stepped up to the plate during his WSOP satellite when a 2nd seat was short by a couple of hundred bucks. With nary a flinch (that I could tell), he offered to cover the difference to make sure a 2nd $1500 seat would be given.

It's bloggers like
Mitch and Iggy (and many more for that matter) that keep me going at this silly little totally gay online diary. Thanks guys for your generosity.

North Carolina has seen many college sports championships in its day. And though it has been on the list of things to do for North Carolina, a major sports championship has never made it our way (we came close in Super Bowl XXXVIII, New England 32, Carolina 29). That is until last night.

The Hurricanes finished off a very impressive season, and a very intense series, by beating the Edmonton Oilers in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup. They are now The Champions! How sweet it is.

On the poker front, it has been a non-event for me lately. After Okie-Vegas I decided to take a break from the game, and have only played a few select times since. I did play an 18 player Tier Two $26 SNG on Full Tilt with
Jordan, GCox, Kat, and Darval recently and ended up winning it. That gave me a $75 token that I could use towards an MTT or a Final Tier Three SNG. I chose the Tier Three where the Payout out is approximately $300+ for 1st, $200+ for 2nd, and $125 for 3rd. I ended up placing 3rd for a $125 payday, which was nice since I had zero dollars in my account.

Other than that, I played the PokerStars blogger freeroll and felt like I played a pretty good game. I ended up finishing right at the top 10% when I was ousted in 263rd place. I was happy with my performance, especially since I have not played any large MTT's in a while. Of course I would rather money or win some prizes, but sometimes just gaining the experience is just as good...especially in a freeroll where it does not end up costing you anything. Well, that's it for me for now. Thanks for reading

Follow-Up Thoughts From My Previous Post:

Jordan was wondering if my last post was an original or an Onion rip-off. It was 100% original, but I am an avid Onion fan so I honed that style of writing from my many years of reading their online mag.

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